Apple employees in US store achieve first union | The World | D.W.

A majority of the employees of an Apple store in the United States voted this Saturday (06.18.2022) in favor of the creation of a union, a first for the technology giant, which tried to discourage union initiatives. Of the 110 employees of the brand’s store in Towson, Maryland, 65 spoke in favor and 33 against, […]

NATO finalizes a new defense plan against Russia ahead of the summit | The World | D.W.

NATO concluded this Thursday (06.16.2022) its last ministerial meeting before the allied summit in Madrid, in two weeks, in which they outlined their deterrence and defense plans against the Russian threat in Eastern Europe, where they foresee more heavy equipment deployed and reinforcements of “pre-assigned” troops. And that is one of the qualities of this […]

Boris Johnson will present plan for new Northern Ireland Protocol | Europe | D.W.

The Government of the United Kingdom will present this Monday (06.13.2022) the legislation with which it aspires to modify the Northern Ireland Protocol included in the Brexit agreement, despite warnings from the European Union, which has been especially critical of any unilateral gesture by London. Boris Johnson’s Executive already advanced in mid-May that “in the […]

Attack on Catholic church leaves at least 50 dead in Nigeria | The World | D.W.

Dozens of people, at least 50 according to different sources, were killed in an attack this Sunday morning (06.05.2022) against a Catholic church in Ondo state, southwestern Nigeria. According to the first testimonies, five armed men entered the place and opened fire indiscriminately. Among the victims there are also women and children. One of the […]

The death toll from rains in Brazil rises to 84 | Brazil on DW | D.W.

The death toll from the heavy rains that have hit the state of Pernambuco, in northeastern Brazil, has risen to 84 since the beginning of this week, while dozens of people are still missing, according to official sources. The governor of the state of Pernambuco, Paulo Cámara, reported that 79 of the 84 victims died […]

Zelensky accuses Russia of ″genocide″ in Donbas | The World | D.W.

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky accused Russia on Thursday (05/26/2022) of committing “genocide” in Donbas, the eastern region of the country where the fighting is currently centered. “The current offensive by the occupiers in Donbas could leave the region uninhabited,” Zelensky said in his daily television address, accusing Russian forces of wanting to “reduce to ashes” […]

Number of children killed in Texas shooting rises to 19 | The World | D.W.

At least 19 children were killed in the shooting perpetrated by a young man at a school in the town of Uvalde, Texas (USA) in which a teacher and the aggressor also died, they reported Tuesday night (05.24.2022) state authorities. With this, according to data from the authorities, at least 21 people died in the […]