Fun! Playing the Battle of Guardians Game Can Get Money!

Jakarta – There are a number of games that offer the concept play to earn. In other words, playing the game and winning the game, can make the players earn money. Battle of Guardians Locally made is one of them. Game Battle of Guardians (BoD) is a game based on Web 3.0 and offers a […]

Much more than a ticket: NFTs and the new business in sports and entertainment

We all have some fanaticism hidden inside: our football team, the favorite band, the sport we play, the artist we admire. Some of us express it more effusively and others keep it more secret. There are those who fill their walls with the tickets of the recitals they attended, expose all the countries of their […]

The relationship between the metaverse and the beauty industry

Metaverse, WEB3, avatars, NFT. It is not a verbatim summary of a new sci-fi movie, but about the technological developments that are subverting the Internet, which the industries do not want to be left out of, so the beauty industry sem. Cosmetics are moving to a level, or if you like, a dimension, in which […]

June NFT sales are down 93% from the beginning of 2012.

NFT’s trading volume is trending. And it recovered wildly in 2021 and hit its peak early in the year. 2022 from the attention of the market Soon the trading volume began to decline. It entered a low in June, down 93% from its high in January 2022. The decline raised concerns that the future of […]

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube: British military social media channels hacked

The British military’s social media accounts were apparently hacked on Sunday. Instead of the regular content, cryptocurrency and phishing messages appeared on the public Facebook, YouTube and Twitter channels, according to several media outlets. The incident lasted about four hours. After the attack ended, the British military commented on its Twitter channel that the problems […]

Bill Gates Calls NFT and Crypto “Greater Fool Theory”, What Does It Mean? page all – On several occasions, the founder of the technology giant Microsoft, Bill Gates, has revealed that he is reluctant to invest in crypto assets, including Bitcoin and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Recently, Gates reiterated his rejection of NFT investment, calling it the “Greater Fool Theory”. This was stated by Bill Gates when speaking at an […]