Behind the scenes of Brussels – Containment: the debate prohibited

It only took a few moments, on March 16, for the Head of State and his government, in the name of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, to place the French under house arrest and deprive them of most of their freedoms civil, political and social that we thought inalienable: freedom to come and go, […]

Alain Badiou believes in communism after Corona

NThe extraordinary “, the French philosopher Alain Badiou can see in the“ current situation ”. In an essay “Sur la situation épidémique”, which he wrote these days, he lists: “AIDS, bird flu, Ebola, Sars 1, various flu, but also measles and tuberculosis, against which antibiotics have become powerless. We know that the globalized market (…) […]

The other French leaders who have sat on the bench

The conservative François Fillon, who faces ten years in prison for embezzling public money in fictitious contracts to his wife Penelope as an assistant in the National Assembly, is not the only French president of V Republic who has sat on the bench of defendants. The socialist Laurent Fabius was acquitted of the scandal of […]