Reshetnikov revealed the scale of the decline in economic activity in Russia :: Economy :: RBC

A significant amount of the economy is still in the freeze, Reshetnikov stated. In particular, this is non-food retail, catering and tourism. “At the same time, the epidemiological situation is gradually improving. This means that now there is an opportunity to gradually remove previously adopted restrictions, and the regions take advantage of these opportunities, ”the […]

The day off will end in Russia :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin / Global Look Press Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to end the period of non-working days in the country. He said this at a meeting with the government, broadcast by RBC. “From May 12, the single non-working day for all industries ends. But the fight against the epidemic does not end, ”Putin […]

Putin decided to consult with experts on reducing the number of days off :: Society :: RBC

The President emphasized that the main thing is the health of citizens, but it is also important to ensure conditions for the quickest possible restoration of economic and business activity Vladimir Putin (Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin during a video conference with experts on the development of the situation with the coronavirus asked them […]

Putin left several categories of workers without a week off :: Society :: RBC

In his address to the nation, Putin said that banks, transport enterprises and authorities at all levels would continue to work. Vladimir Putin’s appeal to the Russians. the main thing The decree instructs federal authorities, regional authorities and municipal authorities to determine the number of employees who will ensure their work from March 30 to […]