Abraham Deal Members Meet July, Form Military Alliance?

loading… The Iron Beam is one of Israel’s newest air defenses that many other countries are interested in. Photo/twitter MANAMA – Signatories to the Abraham Agreement will meet in mid-July for the second time, following the Negev summit held in March. The Abraham Agreement is a normalization pact between Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), […]

Revealed, Top Israeli Officials Secretly Visited Saudi Arabia

loading… Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Senior Israeli officials have visited Saudi Arabia secretly in recent years. Photo/REUTERS TEL AVIV – A report revealed that a number of senior officials Israel visited Saudi Arabia quietly in recent years. They include Defense Secretary Benny Gantz and the last two Mossad heads. Newspaper Hayom based […]

Israel Will Host US and Arab States Historic Summit

loading… Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. Israel will host the Historic Summit between the US and Arab countries, Sunday (27/3/2022). Photo/Yonatan S/REUTERS TEL AVIV – Israel announced it would host a “historic summit” on Sunday (27/3/2022) attended by top diplomats from the United States (US) and three Arab countries. The three Arab countries in question […]

Normalization with Israel, Sinful Arab Countries

loading… TEHERAN – Ayatollah Ali Khamenei , Iran’s Supreme Leader, said Arab countries are normalizing relations with Israel have sinned. According to him, they must reverse the move. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco have normalized relations with Israel in 2020, brokered by the United States (US). Also read: The Amazing Treasure […]