Gender neutral awards make little sense if the jury is not diverse | Media

14 aug 2022 om 06:04Update: 17 uur geleden Awards specifically given to men or women are becoming less common. After the Golden Calves, Grammys and Brit Awards, the organization of the Televizier-Ring has also chosen not to distinguish between presenters and presenters. Does this development lead to more equal opportunities? By Michiel Vos TV says […]

How Shawn Mendes has struggled with mental health and his career for years | Music

28 jul 2022 om 20:36Update: 2 dagen geleden Shawn Mendes needs time to ground and come back stronger. The singer wrote this on Instagram on Wednesday, when he announced that he was breaking off his international tour. It is not the first time that the 23-year-old singer has struggled with his mental health coupled with […]

World of Warcraft Classic Expansion Coming September 26 | games

26 jul 2022 om 07:15 | Update: een dag geleden Game developer Blizzard will release an expansion for its re-release of on September 26 World of Warcraft from. This is a new version of the Wrath of the Lich Kingexpansion, which originally came out in 2008. By: our tech editors The extension is free for […]

Sport version Apple Watch 8 gets a new design | Tech

The sports version of the Apple Watch 8 gets a new design. That reports news agency Bloomberg Monday based on internal sources. The shape of the smartwatch would change. Bloomberg-journalist Mark Gurman writes in his weekly Apple newsletter that the sports version of the Apple Watch Series 8 is getting “a fresh design”. It would […]

Diesel car still popular in some provinces | NOW

Anyone who thought that the diesel car is completely out of favor in the Netherlands is wrong. In some provinces there is still a lot of demand for cars with such an oil-fired combustion engine, according to a tour of AutoWeek. Automakers tumble over each other to take their hands off the diesel. They no […]

Telephones again taboo at Bob Dylan concerts in October in AFAS Live | Music

11 jul 2022 om 12:53 | Update: 2 dagen geleden Bob Dylan will give concerts in Amsterdam’s AFAS Live on 16 and 17 October. The public is not allowed to use a telephone during these shows, concert organizer MOJO announces. By: our entertainment editors The 81-year-old singer is touring with his The Rough and Rowdy […]

Jordanian princess Iman engaged to business manager Jameel Alexander Thermiotis | NOW

Princess Iman of Jordan is engaged. The court announced on Wednesday that King Abdullah and Queen Rania’s eldest daughter will marry Jameel Alexander Thermiotis. The royal family congratulates the princess and her future husband on their engagement. She is also wished a “life full of happiness”. Queen Rania also shares a message on her personal […]

Roxeanne Hazes has to testify in mother Rachel case | NOW

Roxeanne Hazes has to appear in court on October 19 to testify in a case that her mother Rachel Hazes has brought against two former business partners. The lawsuit concerns the way in which Rachel Hazes’ interests were represented through a power of attorney during her nervous breakdown in 2016. The judge has ruled that […]

Video in which Prince William gets angry with photographer removed from YouTube | NOW

A video in which Britain’s Prince William gets angry at a photographer has been removed from YouTube again. The video, which suddenly appeared on Monday, contains old images and has been removed, according to YouTube, because it concerns private recordings. The video shows a photographer trying to capture William on a bike ride with his […]