Coronavirus World Updates: Patients Escape Hospitals

It was a dramatic day around the world when the corona virus continued to spread fatally. According to Clarence House, Prince Charles has been diagnosed with Corona virus, with concerns for the Queen, even though she is “in good health” as the UK has seen the most dramatic increase in confirmed cases to date. In […]

Coronavirus: Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants to escalate Australia’s shutdown

Australia’s next lockdown phase: what it could look like Additional face masks arrive when the fear of breakouts increases The blockade of Australia is being tightened and includes food courts, auction rooms, real estate auctions, open days, massage parlors, beauty salons and a number of other non-essential services. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has unveiled other […]

A COVID-19 patient can infect 59,000 people

According to an expert, a coronavirus patient can infect 59,000 people. Dr. Hugh Montgomery, professor of intensive care medicine at University College London, has found how ignoring social distance can lead to a significant increase in infection rates, reports The Sun, Prof. Montgomery said 59,000 more people could be infected for every single coronavirus patient. […]

Italy’s death toll rises to 1809, Pope walks empty streets

Pope Francis ventured into abandoned Rome to pray at two shrines for the end of the coronavirus pandemic, as Italy saw a massive fifth increase in deaths in a single day. The country’s death toll rose 368 to 1809 on Sunday, a one-day record death rate and more than half of all cases recorded outside […]

Scott Morrison imposes self-isolation on all comers

Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned the Australians of further restrictions and interventions in their daily lives as the government took further steps to curb the spread of the coronavirus. From midnight, all people who come to Australia must isolate themselves for 14 days, while cruise ships are initially not allowed to arrive in Australian ports […]

Spain’s 15-day ban, France closes cafes, Italy’s jumping virus cases

Europe is tightening travel controls as the Middle East struggles to curb the spread of the coronavirus. In Iran, health officials are struggling to keep up with the death toll, and a worrying picture of mass graves outside a city has emerged. Spain blocked its 46 million citizens on Saturday, and France has ordered the […]

China’s dramatic decline in new cases since the outbreak

China has claimed to have passed the “peak” of the coronavirus outbreak, with the country having the lowest number of daily cases in months. On Wednesday, mainland China had 11 deaths from the COVID-19 virus and 15 new infections, compared to 24 cases the day before. This is less than about 2,000 daily cases registered […]