Video goodbye to two grandparents just before dying from Covid-19 | Global World Blog

From one side of the world to the other, lA pandemic has forced many family relationships to be restricted to phone conversations, social media, or video calls. Some routine situations will resume after the end of the epidemic. For others, however, there will be no turning back. The restrictions on visiting relatives that also prevail […]

The Government allows part of the gas stations to reduce their opening hours | Economy

The Government relaxes the obligation of gas stations to maintain their regular hours. The BOE publishes this Saturday a ministerial order establishing measures to ensure the supply of fuel at service stations while the state of alarm is maintained. However, it gives the possibility that some of them reduce opening hours or even temporarily close […]

Europe issues a warning to Iran to comply with the nuclear pact | International

The head of the Iranian nuclear agency shows nuclear technology to President Hasan Rohani. In video, statements by Josep Borrell, high representative of Foreign Policy in the EU. AP | REUTERS The historic international agreement to prevent Iran from possessing nuclear weapons is faltering. France, Germany and the United Kingdom, the three European powers that […]

An astronaut’s jugular clot forces NASA to improvise a cure in orbit | Science

We don’t know the exact date, but NASA recently lived another time. “Houston, we have a problem”. The scare came during a routine experiment on the International Space Station (ISS), out of hundreds carried out on the spacecraft to study the effects of the gravity shortage. When scanning the neck of one of the crew, […]

Pregnant women by force as a remedy against homosexuality | Future Planet

The life stories of thirty lesbian, trans and bisexual women from Equatorial Guinea meet in I did not want to be a mother (Editorial Egales), the last title of the prolific author Trifonia Melibea Obono (Afaetom, Equatorial Guinea, 1982). These are issues that have been of concern for years to this researcher on gender issues […]