AG Reports Mario Dandy Case of Obscenity but Police Refuses

CNN Indonesia Friday, 05 May 2023 00:14 WIB A woman with the initials AG reported allegations of sexual abuse by Mario Dandy Satriyo to Polda Metro Jaya but was rejected (Detikcom/Andika Prasetia) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — AG Legal Counsel (15), Mangatta Toding Allo claimed that his client had made two reports Mario Dandy […]

Head of Youth Mosque in Sleman Allegedly Abused 20 Children Since 2013

CNN Indonesia Monday, 06 Feb 2023 13:55 WIB The youth leader of a mosque in Sleman with the initials AS (28) committed sexual acts against dozens of boys while the victims were fast asleep in the mosque. Istockphoto/Coldsnowstorm Yogyakarta, CNN Indonesia — AS (28), a chairman mosque youth (squeezing) in the area […]

Dozens of Children in Batang are Threatened with Castration

boy – A Koran teacher who is also a tambourine teacher in Batang Regency, AM (28) was arrested for allegedly committing sexual violence against dozens of children. The police will use the most severe article to ensnare the perpetrators. This was said by the Batang Police Chief, AKBP M Irwan Susanto, in a press conference […]

Depraved Teacher Obscene 3 Bekasi Students Now Hunted

Bekasi – A teacher should be a role model for his students. However, what happened in Bekasi City, an elementary school (SD) teacher at night molested her student. After his lecherous actions were discovered by the school, the obscene teacher ran away. Now, the obscene teacher is being chased by the police. Based on the […]