From the Depths: Fisherman Finds Bizarre Dead Creature with Bulging Eyes

A fisherman has found a bizarre creature in the depths of the sea in Australia. The man shared on Facebook the image of the fish, which has bulging eyes and a large, protruding mouth. The photo left netizens curious about the creature. Trapman Bermagui found the animal 650 m below the surface. […]

Horseshoe crabs: Lovable living fossils protected in Delaware

They always come to the Delaware coast in the US in June to spawn when the tide is in. Horseshoe crabs are critical to the safety of human vaccines because their blood contains cells that the biomedical industry uses to test vaccines – including the Covid-19 vaccine – to ensure they are not contaminated with […]

Strangeness of life: this sea slug has a sucker-shaped head

What if the weirdest life forms didn’t live in space, but deep in our oceans? To convince you, here a species of sea slug both strange and fascinating. This is thespecies Melibe greenpopular with photographers submarines because of his morphology unique. What looks like pairs of legs along its body are actually waxedorgans typical of […]

Why is the sea salty and not sweet?

The sea is salty – and not just a little! On average, one liter of its water contains 34.7 g of salt, the equivalent of 6 teaspoons. All oceans combined, this gives some 49 million billion tons of dissolved salt which, if it were to crystallize, would form a total layer 45 meters thick. Salt, […]

Deep Ocean Warms As Climate Changes – Environment – Life

Much of the ‘excess heat’ stored in the subtropical North Atlantic is in the deep ocean (below 700 metres), new research suggests. The oceans have absorbed about 90 percent of the warming caused by humans. The study, published in Nature Communications Earth & Environment, found that in the subtropical North Atlantic (25°N), 62 percent of […]

Thousands of ships dump oil into the world’s oceans

Dhe discharge of oil and oily water into the sea has been prohibited for decades. However, it is probably still practiced today. This is confirmed by a large-scale investigation by Deutsche Welle (DW) with the investigative network Lighthouse Reports. Accordingly, thousands of cargo and container ships “systematically circumvented this ban to save time and money […]

A healthy coral reef discovered off Tahiti

A tale of corals was discovered more than 30 meters deep. An expedition (and a discovery) that goes beyond the expectations of scientists. This could be one of the largest reefs in the world… Scientists have discovered this rare 3 kilometer stretch of pristine coral off Tahiti in the heart of South Pacific. A breathtaking […]