EsSalud recognizes the 21,000th blood donor who saved 12 lives

Example to follow. The Social Health Security (EsSalud) gave a deserved recognition to Daniel León, an insured and pastor of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, who became the 21 thousandth blood donor of the Almenara Prestational Network and thanks to this act altruist saved the lives of 12 people during the pandemic. The event, […]

Lozoya could be located in the same area as Lavalle in the North prison

Emilio Lozoya Austin, spent his first night in prison in the Norte prison, after a federal judge gave him justified preventive detention. They will do the covid PCR test and if it comes out negative they will take it to the area known as ‘income’, where Jorge Luis Lavalle, former PAN senator “who was reported […]

FGR put together a “Frankenstein” in the case of the Odebrecht bribes: Anaya

MEXICO CITY (apro) .- A series of alleged inconsistencies between the data of the Mexican and US authorities were exposed by the PAN member Ricardo Anaya Cortés as part of the videos with which he proposes to prove himself innocent. The second video of four, as announced yesterday, was once again posted by the former […]

He has not had access to the file and reschedules the hearing – El Financiero

Gustavo Aquiles Villaseñor, federal control judge who heads the hearing in which Ricardo Anaya will be charged, certified that the former PAN presidential candidate has not had access to the investigation folder. Therefore, and in order to guarantee their right to an adequate defense, the judge decided to cancel the hearing on Thursday and reschedule […]

Agricultural Research Day: food security and sovereignty

The directors of the research units of the Faculties of Agronomy and Zootechnics of Unalm, PhD. Raúl Blas Sevillano and the PhD. Edwin Mellisho Salas, respectively, argue that the challenges for agricultural research are based on increasing productivity without neglecting food security. In the case of research in Agronomy, the PhD. Raúl Blas points out […]