10 million for a wedding? Kuzmin broke up with his bride – no money needed!

Lovelace too trusted the woman, for which he paid. Vladimir Kuzmin at the end of 2018 was the victim of robbers. The musician was robbed of 10 million rubles. Is this money intended for a wedding with a young yachtsman Svetlana Karpukhina? For fans of the artist, the news of a divorce from Ekaterina Trofimova […]

Craftsmen showed UAZ “Hunter”, prepared for all occasions

After tuning, the Russian SUV is not afraid of any hardships encountered on our roads. Quite often, Russians have to travel to remote corners of the country, where the roads do not differ in high quality, so they have to take on a specially prepared car. Given the fact that domestic engineering cannot boast of […]

It’s not an easy time for the Capricorns, but they will “take them out”

April’s “Golovomoyka” will turn into unexpected “fruits of life”. Despite the fact that nature and people slowly thaw after a difficult winter, the coming April promises a lot of events, opportunities and – related difficulties. Among the signs of the zodiac, which have innate opportunities to go through a crisis time without losses and with […]

The Zadornov family is getting closer and closer to the West that he hates

The satirist has despised Western countries all his life, and now his relatives are treacherously going to move to those lands. And under the photo of Galkin, subscribers suspected that he had snatched a share of the inheritance. There were rumors that the daughter, together with her widowed mother, was planning to move to the […]