Including the confiscation of vehicles and the immediate raid of suspicious homes.. Witness: “A lawyer” reveals the most prominent new measures against drug users

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Attorney Ghaleb Al-Sharif revealed the most prominent new anti-drug decisions. He said, during a video clip he posted on his account on the “Tik Tok” application: “A security campaign to combat drugs began, on 1-10-1444, and the most prominent decisions issued were the prohibition of bail in cases of drug possession, suspension for […]

A transport official explains the experience of road cooling in the Kingdom..and reveals the secret and purpose of the new technology • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Director General of the General Department of Quality and Environment at the Ministry of Transport, Engineer Abbas Al-Hazmi, explained new information about the first experiment of its kind on the Kingdom’s roads, and the impact of this technology on the road and the car, indicating in his speech to the Yahala program […]

“Amputating her hand and throwing it under his shoes” .. The victim of the “Damietta serial killer” reveals a strange reason that the perpetrator has been waiting for 20 years to take revenge on her and her son – Tire

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian woman, Mervat Mustafa Al-Hefnawi, whose hand and the hand of her son were amputated by the butcher of Damietta in Egypt, broke her silence to reveal the details of the heinous crime. Al-Hefnawi said that she bought a plot of land adjacent to her house with an area of ​​18 meters, […]