Police are looking for machine crackers – FFH.de

In the Offenbach district, unknown perpetrators have leveraged several ATMs in the past few nights. But they each had to flee without prey. After their robberies, they set a car and several garbage cans on fire to make it difficult for the police to get to the crime scenes. Several crime scenes in the Offenbach […]

Man is said to have insulted rabbis anti-Semitically

Confession: A rabbi wears a kippah that he has attached to his hair with a clamp including a Star of David Image: dpa Among other things, a man who is said to have insulted a rabbi in Offenbach is facing a charge of incitement to hatred. In the meantime, a man has rioted in a […]

Night curfew in hotspots in Hesse – FFH.de

In Hessian regions with permanently high numbers of corona infections, there is a nightly curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. and alcohol is prohibited in public. It comes into force in counties and urban districts since Friday (December 11th), which have an incidence of over 200 for three days in a row. The measures […]

No free intensive care beds due to Corona: Offenbach moves patients

IIn Offenbach there are currently no more free intensive care beds, as reported by the health department head Sabine Groß (Die Grünen). For days, patients who need intensive medical care have been moved to other cities – even over considerable distances. For example, patients from Offenbach were transported to Fulda and Würzburg. In the city, […]

Offenbach wants to become climate neutral by 2050

Mith the Climate Concept 2035, the City of Offenbach wants to do everything possible as a municipality to help achieve the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement. Accordingly, global warming should be limited to 1.5 to a maximum of two degrees Celsius. “As the city of Offenbach, we can of course only make a small […]

Unemployed in Offenbach: But not without a chance

ÜFor many years the single mother was unable to get a job. But since March she has been working in outpatient care and looking after people in need in their home environment. She now has a permanent contract. The woman, who prefers not to have her name mentioned in the media, made the big step […]

Kickers Offenbach part with trainer – FFH.de

The Offenbacher Kickers part ways with head coach Angelo Barletta and assistant coach Dennis Bochow with immediate effect. Sreto Ristic will be the new head coach, while Marijan Kovačević will take over as assistant coach. Ramon Berndroth will continue to be part of the coaching team. Angelo Barletta was informed this lunchtime in a personal […]

Lots of police, hardly any night owls – FFH.de

New Year’s Eve under Corona conditions was initially calm in Hessen. According to the police, there were no major incidents. Violations of the fireworks ban were also not reported. The police were out and about in the cities with numerous emergency services, and also carried out alcohol tests. In Offenbach, where there was a curfew […]

Rubble field on A5 near Weiterstadt – FFH.de

Due to an accident involving several cars and a truck, the A5 motorway in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district was temporarily closed in the evening. A 30-year-old man had previously skidded with his car for unknown reasons shortly after the Weiterstadt junction in the direction of Frankfurt and collided with a truck, the police said. Another driver […]