We must be ready for escalation in Ukraine

“Faced with the development of the war and Russia’s visible and growing defeats, (…) we must be ready for escalation,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in Berlin. The politician added that this escalation may include even stronger destruction of infrastructure, which we are already dealing with. There is still no clear winner in the conflict […]

After the Chancellor’s criticism of Iran: Tehran again issued a warning to Scholz

After the Chancellor’s criticism of Iran Tehran warns Scholz again 11/13/2022 8:14 am Chancellor Scholz is clearly behind the demonstrators in Iran. That doesn’t suit the leadership in Tehran at all. According to the chancellor’s critical statements, Iran “recommends that the federal government find its way back to prudence.” Tehran has sharply criticized Chancellor Olaf […]

Scholz is against negotiations on the Kremlin’s terms – tsn.ua

The German Chancellor stressed that it was Vladimir Putin who did everything to make negotiations impossible. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz believes that it is now impossible to complete diplomatically and negotiations the war that Russia unleashed against Ukraine. He said this in an interview with RND, UNIAN writes. Scholz stressed that it is Russia that […]

These companies pay tax-free bonuses

Companies can pay their employees a tax-free bonus this year. But so far only a few companies have used this tool. High inflation is currently causing problems for many Germans. Whether filling up the tank, shopping for groceries or energy: the price increases can be felt everywhere, so it would only be logical to demand […]

Olaf Scholz: Chancellor scoffs at citizens’ concerns

“I didn’t know how sad I should look” – a video clip in which Chancellor Olaf Scholz laughs at a citizen goes viral on the internet. What’s behind it? Berlin If a clip makes it to the ZDF “Heute Show” and also to the shitstorm in the social networks, that can capitulate a politician to […]

Scholz’s dangerous eleven-hour visit to China

As far as Beijing is concerned, the German Foreign Minister, the green Annalena Baerbock, seems to be more in tune with Paris or Washington than the chancellor himself. On her recent work trip to Uzbekistan, the head of diplomacy marked her distance from it and confirmed her defense of a more critical line towards China […]

Energy crisis, European Union … Between Paris and Berlin, the brake – Liberation

After the postponement of the Franco-German Council of Ministers, Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron will try to iron out their many differences this Wednesday. But, whether on the cap on the price of gas and electricity, European solidarity in the face of the energy shock or defense equipment, nothing is settled. The meeting between Olaf […]

Schleswig-Holstein’s head of government for the China deal in the port of Hamburg

IIn the dispute over the participation of a Chinese shipping company in a container terminal in the port of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) is on the side of the proponents. “It is important to us in Schleswig-Holstein that the port of Hamburg is economically successful and that investments are made there,” said […]