AfD politician Alice Weidel argues with TV reporter in live mode

Cologne / Berlin – The AfD chairwoman and member of the Bundestag Alice Weidel gave a controversial interview to the news broadcaster “phoenix” on Thursday as part of Olaf Scholz’s election for chancellor and had a heated argument with moderator Eduard Scherfer. “The commitment to vaccinate is a clear breach of the election promise, the […]

Karl Lauterbach, the new superstar Minister of Health

The future German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has appointed Karl Lauterbach as the next Minister of Health. This health policy expert has been one of the most popular public figures since the start of the pandemic. But his style is not unanimous. He is a health economist specializing in health policies, studied epidemiology at the famous […]

Over 150 companies advertise corona vaccination

Vaccination campaign by 150 companies The campaign by the Berlin agency Antoni is the largest campaign to date on the subject of corona vaccinations in Germany. Düsseldorf More than 150 companies and brands in Germany have teamed up to promote vaccination together. Since Tuesday, the companies have been calling for vaccinations against Corona on their […]

Olaf Scholz and Corona: Chancellor election in crisis

Berlin Olaf Scholz wants to show leadership. The pandemic is its first practical test, according to our political correspondent Michael Backfisch. The overwhelming approval of the SPD and FDP for the coalition agreement underlines: Olaf Scholz is to be carried to the Chancellery on Wednesday with a tailwind. So far there has been no shortage […]

Germany: a scientific expert becomes Minister of Health – International

Out of 16 ministers, 8 will be women. The new German government, which is due to take office on Wednesday, will have as many women as men for the first time and they will occupy key positions such as the Interior or Defense, the next Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Monday. Gender parity In the […]

Traffic light coalition extends time to reduce debt burden

Dhe traffic light coalition takes a lot of time to reduce the debt burden that has increased in the corona emergency. If the black-red government had only given itself twenty years to pay off the pandemic loans, the SPD, Greens and FDP want to orient themselves towards the EU, which in turn wants to give […]

Scholz wants to rule for more than four years

Olaf Scholz would like to be elected Chancellor in the coming week, his traffic light coalition is in the starting blocks. But before that, the SPD votes on the coalition agreement at a party congress. The likely future Chancellor Olaf Scholz has confirmed his goal of staying in government for more than four years. The […]

Olaf Scholz calls Joko and Klaas to vaccinate live on TV

DAs a guest of the ProSieben entertainers Joko and Klaas, the designated Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz made an impressive appeal for vaccinations to the television viewers. “It is important to me that everyone who can get vaccinated. Only that helps, ”said the SPD politician on Wednesday evening in the ProSieben program“ Joko and Klaas 15 […]

How much emotion does Merkel show at parting?

Big tattoo Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) saying goodbye to the then Federal President Christian Wulff. (Photo: dpa) Berlin For Angela Merkel, it’s a normal working day in times of the pandemic. On Thursday afternoon, the Executive Chancellor will meet the Prime Minister via video link. How often since the beginning of the corona crisis in […]

These are the demands of the Union countries

On this Tuesday, the country leaders are again conferring with Chancellor Merkel. The Union-led countries have now reaffirmed a number of proposals. The outcome of the meeting is unclear. The Union-led states and Baden-Württemberg are pressing for specific minimum resolutions in the consultations with the Executive Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and her likely successor Olaf […]