The Gig trailer of Cyberpunk 2077 impresses

6/26/20 22:34 PM Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 0 comments That Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be a damn good game is certainly set in stone even before its release. Not only is the renowned CD Projekt RED behind it, but the game has been postponed several times to ensure that […]

‘The secret of Old Bridge’ says goodbye tomorrow after nine years

Oysters, how strong. What a cloth ». It is the first reaction of Sandra Cervera (Valencia, 34 years old) when asked about the end of ‘The Secret of Old Bridge’, which arrives tomorrow in Antena 3’s prime time after nine years and more than 2,300 episodes. The actress remembers that she was “seven and a […]

When Lupe Sino wished Manolete: “Ah, if I smiled”

ZABALA DE LA SERNA @zabaladelaserna Updated Friday, one may 2020 –17:26 EFE Lupe Sino wants it before meeting him. «I go crazy when I fight. Look, in the Charity run (…) I couldn’t contain myself and I shouted: ‘You are the greatest thing in the world’.He looked at me, thanked me, very attentive but without […]

Former police chief found dead in her home!

According to the information obtained, the family members of retired police chief Ali İhsan Göngör, who realized that he was lying still in his room in his home in Pamukkale district, asked for help by reporting the situation to 112 medical teams. The medical teams who arrived at the scene determined that Güngör had died. […]

The oldest Basque hotel in the United States closes after 127 years of history

The Noriega Hotel, initially called Iberia, opened its doors in 1893 and belonged to the Elizalde family since 1931. / Visit California The Noriega welcomed the first shepherds who arrived in California and its restaurant of continuous tables and closed menu popularized the tail and the cod, and put the lamb on the altars JOSÉ […]

Confinement plans: remembering old friends

‘Goodbye, boys’, a masterpiece by Louis Malle While the ‘young Turks’ reflected on the pages of ‘Cahiers du Cinéma’, Louis Malle (1932-1995) tanned with the underwater camera together with Jacques Cousteau. Cinema was for him an adventure that did not understand borders or genres. Of course, Malle, unlike the bulk of his peers from the […]

Medical Task Force suggested segregating exits to the population by sex and age

The measure that had implemented the Governor Wanda Vázquez for people to leave their homes depending on the number of the tablet was not the only recommendation of the Fortress Medical Task Force to control the flow of people in the streets and shops of the country in the midst of the curfew established by […]