Confinement plans: remembering old friends

‘Goodbye, boys’, a masterpiece by Louis Malle While the ‘young Turks’ reflected on the pages of ‘Cahiers du Cinéma’, Louis Malle (1932-1995) tanned with the underwater camera together with Jacques Cousteau. Cinema was for him an adventure that did not understand borders or genres. Of course, Malle, unlike the bulk of his peers from the […]

Medical Task Force suggested segregating exits to the population by sex and age

The measure that had implemented the Governor Wanda Vázquez for people to leave their homes depending on the number of the tablet was not the only recommendation of the Fortress Medical Task Force to control the flow of people in the streets and shops of the country in the midst of the curfew established by […]

April 20, Scorpio opens a new page

Why is it important for the zodiac to throw off the “weight” of memories, the astrologer said. Each person behind their backs has luggage of memories from awkward moments, stressful situations, unsuccessful phrases and much more. Who today does not dream of “getting rid” of this negativity and continuing life from scratch. According to the […]

What future would a forgotten GAZ-61-73 expect in the modern world

An old Soviet SUV would show everyone where the “crayfish hibernate.” Most Russian motorists know and appreciate Toyota Land Cruiser, as the most suitable car for Russian conditions, famous for its reliability and cross-country ability. But few people know that in the Soviet Union there were machines that could be not only an alternative, but […]

Artists on the phone for our alumni

Usually, the Paris en compagnie association offers over 65 years of age to be accompanied on their outings nearby: a walk in the neighborhood, a medical appointment … With confinement, these initiatives were suspended and then replaced, as of March 11, via a telephone channel. Over 1,500 calls have already been made. → LIVE – […]

Old plows. “It was the ritual of July”, the festival-goers testify

It is an institution. An event that thousands of festival-goers would not miss under any pretext. Even thousands of kilometers away. “The day the places for the Old Plows went on sale, I was in Japan for my studies, Marjorie remembers. I set my alarm clock at 2 a.m., just to get my seats. “ […]

Street ghosts to scare and keep Indonesians at home | Global World Blog

Two volunteers dressed in shrouded ghost costumes in Kepuh, Indonesia. On video, Indonesia brings ghosts to the streets so that neighbors do not break the quarantine. Reuters | Atlas The town of Kepuh (Indonesia) lately seems haunted. Mysterious white figures storm unsuspecting passers-by and sneak away under the full moon. This village on the island […]

Teresa Viejo: «I really miss the hug»

Teresa Viejo (Madrid, 1963) was caught confined by the coronavirus and was “confined” since March 1. The reason: write your next post. The journalist says that for her being at home “is not a problem”, although she lives the situation with “strength, resistance, patience and confidence.” «For me, being confined is not difficult. I have […]