“We have prepared a plan in the event of a rebound”, says Véran on RTL

“All the indicators show that the situation is under control”. Olivier Véran wants to be reassuring when he talks about the coronavirus epidemic. Invited to RTL this Thursday, July 2, the Minister of Solidarity and Health indicated that he had identified “more than 200 clusters” since deconfinement, in mainland France. “For ten consecutive weeks, the […]

On the front page of “Libé” this Thursday

On the front page of “Libé” this Thursday On the menu. The edition of Release, (already online for our subscribers), is available. It is devoted accounts of harassment and sexual assault in Ubisoft. In the rest of the pages, find a report in Saint-Malo where an association is fighting against the project to build a […]

Olivier Véran launches the construction of a 5th branch of the Social Security

The fund responsible for paying off the social debt is extended until 2033. The CRDS will not disappear in 2024. By Marie-Cécile Renault Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health. POOL / REUTERS It is at a time when social deficits are widening that the government will release new funding for the elderly. In line with […]

Is it true that “there is no magic money”, as the government claims?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, borrowed this formula from President Macron to justify the need to save money in the event of an increase in health spending. Olivier Véran on May 8 at the National Assembly during the debate on the extension of the state of health emergency. Thomas SAMSON […]

“Immediate measures are needed to prevent the dam from breaking down”

INTERVIEW – For Frédéric Valletoux, president of the Federation of Hospitals of France, the epidemic is a historic opportunity to launch a “New Deal” for the health system. By Marie-Cécile Renault Frédéric Valletoux LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP Frédéric Valletoux heads the Federation of Hospitals of France (FHF), which represents more than 1,000 public hospitals and […]

Caregivers want more than bonuses and medals

The announcement in the Council of Ministers last Wednesday of a medal for “commitment” and a tribute on July 14 was more annoying than convinced. By Marie-Cécile Renault The President of the Republic had promised on March 18 during his speech marking the start of confinement, that “the day after will not be a return […]

what the famous “R” parameter teaches us about the evolution of the epidemic

DECRYPTION – The reproduction rate is a fundamental, but delayed, indicator of surveillance. On May 10, workers at a slaughterhouse in Hamm, Germany, wait for a test for Covid-19 after a case at the company appears. INA FASSBENDER / AFP The “natural” dynamics of the spread of a virus is quantified by the key parameter […]

Where can the general public buy protective masks?

Question asked by Lucienne on 04/19/2020 Hello, Masks intended for the general public should play an important role in the post-containment period. In any case, this is what the various speeches by the authorities seem to indicate in recent days. To start with that of the President of the Republic, on March 16, which suggested […]