The economic recession in Europe: the euro and the pound are depreciating

Global stock markets recovered slightly this week after another downturn, and oil prices continued to fall. Economic growth in the euro area slowed in June, according to a closely monitored study, which halted the strong recovery from the damage caused by the coronavir pandemic. The S&P Global Monthly Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) fell to 51.9 […]

EU Court rejects Ryanair’s complaint against Finnair

The Dublin-based airline has taken more than 20 cases to court during the pandemic. Ryanair has sought to cancel major rescue programs for Lufthansa, Air France and other major EU airlines, but these efforts have not always been successful. Finnair has been granted more than 1 billion euros. € 1.1 billion in support from the […]

Russia’s AvtoVAZ plant assembles one car and goes on holiday again

The AvtoVAZ employees’ union has announced that downtime is expected on June 14-17, Kommersant said. The plant will not be able to resume normal operation from the end of April. On June 8, AvtoVAZ-Sport’s AvtoVAZ-Sport subsidiary announced the resumption of “simplified” production of the Lada Granta Classic. The car will have a minimal amount of […]

Vlantana expects to increase import and export cargo flows this year

According to the company, the cost of sales grew by more than a tenth over the year. This was due to increased fuel consumption, according to a report submitted to the Vlantana Registry Center. According to the company, 2022 will also be marked by an increase in the cost of transportation services due to inflation […]

New benefits come into force today: residents will receive more

The aim is to cushion the effects of inflation and reduce poverty and social exclusion, the government said. Part of the increased benefits is calculated for the current month, and the other part is calculated for the previous month, so the population will actually feel the increase at different times: some in June and others […]

Fire in Vilnius: an open flame burning a residential house

The fire broke out in Subačiaus Street. Fire in Vilnius (17 photos) Fire in Vilnius (photo by Bronius Jablonskas) Fire in Vilnius (photo by Bronius Jablonskas) Fire in Vilnius (photo by Bronius Jablonskas) Fire in Vilnius (photo by Bronius Jablonskas) Fire in Vilnius (photo by Bronius Jablonskas) Fire in Vilnius (photo by Bronius Jablonskas) Fire […]

In Vilnius, the driver’s drunkenness was 4.45 per mille

Police said Monday night at about 7 p.m. At the intersection of Laisvės Avenue and Žemynos Street for 12 minutes, a drunk (4.45 prom.) 35-year-old man was driving a Toyota Yaris. It turned out that the man and his friend had been drinking alcohol an hour ago and the friend had given him a ride […]