Cleaning house by house. Leaked emails showed what Putin was planning in Ukraine

The defeat that the Russian army suffered at Kiev a year ago probably meant more for the future of Ukraine than anyone could have imagined. Russian terror would probably not end with the capture of the capital. Secret plans, according to which Russia wanted to establish a brutal regime, were leaked to the public. When […]

Putin was angered by NATO’s new move. “Like fascists during the war!” rages

Russian President Vladimir Putin is furious about the decision of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) to deepen cooperation with countries located in Asia and the Pacific. In an interview with Russian television Rossiya 24, Putin compared it to the cooperation of fascist countries united in the Berlin-Rome-Tokyo axis. At the same time, he rejects comparisons […]

Russia has said how it will react if someone arrests Putin

Updated 13:48, 23/03/2023 23. 3. 2023, 12:48 Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued a sharp warning to Western countries. If they decide to follow the arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin, they will be severely punished. Medvedev also called Ukraine part of Russia, and the world should not expect an improvement in relations in […]

The Russian plane was headed for Estonia. The British and Germans had to intervene

British and German fighters had to take off from Estonia. The Russian Ilyushin Il-78 refueling plane was approaching the airspace of the Baltic country and did not communicate with the air traffic control there. “A Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jet operating from Ämari Air Base in Estonia conducted the first joint NATO Air Policing […]