Putin’s death anxiety escalates. No one is allowed closer than 20 meters to him

Security measures in the Kremlin are becoming more and more strict. Behind everything is supposed to be Russian President Vladimir Putin’s panicked fear that someone will infect him with the coronavirus, attack him, or even kill him. This was fully demonstrated at the ceremony with foreign ambassadors, who had to stay at least 20 meters […]

The woman wanted to feed the dog. He killed her

A huge tragedy happened in the northern Italian resort of Ventimiglia. A fifty-three-year-old woman was babysitting her brother’s Rottweiler. When she went to feed him, the dog attacked her and tore her apart. She succumbed to her injuries in hospital. The decision to babysit her brother’s Rottweiler cost her her life. Fifty-three-year-old Patrizia La Marcová […]

Kolečko took Vignerová on her honeymoon. The model mentioned her pregnancy

Newlyweds Aneta Vignerová and Petr Kolečko caused a storm with their secret wedding. For the Easter holidays, they therefore preferred to flee the Czech Republic and enjoy romance in Belgium. At the same time, the model dispelled speculations that the screenwriter married her because of her second pregnancy. ​Vignerová and Koleček probably went on a […]

A modern army and prepared people, NATO received a big reinforcement in Finland

The North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) expanded to include Finland on Tuesday. A country with a large and modernly equipped army and historical experience with Russia. It had already worked closely with the allied armies before joining, and now this cooperation is reaching a whole new level. Experts agree that Western armies can take a lot […]

Horror crash in Germany. Seven people died in a three-car crash

The terrible collision of three passenger cars in the East German state of Thuringia on Saturday left seven victims, six of whom were burned to death. Three other people are injured, two in critical condition. The tragic accident happened in the early evening on the bypass of Bad Langensalza, which is less than 40 kilometers […]

Cleaning house by house. Leaked emails showed what Putin was planning in Ukraine

The defeat that the Russian army suffered at Kiev a year ago probably meant more for the future of Ukraine than anyone could have imagined. Russian terror would probably not end with the capture of the capital. Secret plans, according to which Russia wanted to establish a brutal regime, were leaked to the public. When […]

Putin was angered by NATO’s new move. “Like fascists during the war!” rages

Russian President Vladimir Putin is furious about the decision of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) to deepen cooperation with countries located in Asia and the Pacific. In an interview with Russian television Rossiya 24, Putin compared it to the cooperation of fascist countries united in the Berlin-Rome-Tokyo axis. At the same time, he rejects comparisons […]