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What is studied in the canada film schools? Professionals are trained to develop quality film projects and to do this, they offer courses that teach the necessary methods and technologies to achieve the desired results. Therefore, the best canadian film schools prepare their students to perform different tasks and have a good understanding of both […]

WhatsApp Marketing & CRM: aprende a usar WhatsApp Business

Ivan Fanego, also known as “Critical Ivan”, is launching a free, lifelong course in WhatsApp marketing. The course is going to be special: we are going to start from the basics and we are going to add more advanced modules. As we add content we will increase the price, but only for new ones: once […]

Edit YouTube-style videos with Pico Navarro

Best review I loved !! excellent tools to build your video for youtube. I always wanted to make youtube videos, and this course was the best excuse to start. Pretty good although I would like to see more visual or supporting examples. That’s why I highly recommend it.<br/><br/>the only thing I want them to improve […]

WordPress 5 – Create an Online Education Site (LMS)

Best review Excellent learnpress guide is very useful for me to take Costa Rican sign language courses online. Excellent course, it met all my expectations, I already have my lms education site where I offer my digital and affiliate marketing courses

Neuromarketing online courses – online courses

The neuromarketing is the study of the process of purchase y, plus still, of the decision-making process of consumers or potential consumers before buying, while they are buying and after the purchase. It deals with the application of neuroscience techniques to the marketing. to know the brain function and thus understand the levels of attention […]


And of Cultural Management it is, it is inevitable to think about the cultural art. The activities that are organized around it have different characteristics and needs; however, they share the same goal: the revitalization of culture. With this dialogue between arts and generations is achieved, a need of our time. Do you want to […]