Remembering Sona Cervena: Legendary Opera Singer Dies at 97

The Czech opera singer and mezzo-soprano Sona Cervena is dead. The chamber singer died on Sunday at the age of 97 in her native city of Prague, as the Prague National Theater announced. After initial successes in her home country, Cervena went to the GDR in 1958 to the Berlin State Opera Unter den Linden. […]

“German Opera Houses Demand Additional Funding for Wage Increases”

The big German opera houses are demanding additional money to pay for the wage increases in the public sector. These would have to be “taken over entirely by the public legal entities,” said the German-language opera conference in Berlin on Saturday. “This is the only way we can continue to practice our art, which is […]

The Music School Landscape in Ostprignitz-Ruppin: A Brief History and Future Prospects

Opportunities for making music together are then also available in general schools, in the home environment and on a variety of amateur music occasions. Adelheid Krause-Pichler spoke to the head of the district music school, Harald Bölk, about the history of the institution and prospects for future challenges. Adelheid Krause-Pichler: How long has there been […]

Premiere in the Düsseldorf Opera: AR glasses for classical music fans | Regional

Düsseldorf (NRW) – The opera glasses are going digital: for the first time, classical music fans can immerse themselves in a digital world with augmented reality glasses at a performance in the Düsseldorf Opera on the Rhine. The audience can have information about the piece, music and soloists played digitally or take a look into […]

“Podium for the world of artists”

cultural Alte Oper Frankfurt presents program 2023/24 by Karl-Heinz Stier (22.03.2023) The new program of the Alte Oper Frankfurt promises a concert life with performances by top international artists and top-class orchestras, with festivals and program focuses, with music education offers. ‹ › Explanations were given by the chairwoman of the supervisory board and head […]

The Emil Breisach commissions for compositions (2) | MON | 20 03 2023 | 23:03

March 20, 2023 at 11:03 p.m Austria’s cultural landscape would look different today without the visionary writer, cultural manager and radio director Emil Breisach (1923-2015). Breisach was the founder of ORF musikprotokoll, originator of the “La Strada” festival, initiator of the Austrian sculpture park, first president of the Forum Stadtpark and co-founder of steirischer herbst. […]