Condemned hotelier | Editorial

Thursday, 30 April 2020 – 01:38 The Government has not even met with the hotel management to study measures that guarantee the viability of the sector. E. M. The Government presumes that itsde-escalation plan, to “put Spain back on track”, as it boastedSnchez, is the result of work started more than three weeks ago. However, […]

Spain does not earn credit to the EU

Saturday, 25 April 2020 – 02:05 Make no mistake, the financial aid from the European Union will be accompanied by some kind of conditionality. EFE The almost record time in which theHeads of State and Government of the EUTheir last videoconference meeting only allowed us to think about a historical agreement or, as it was […]

The insolvency of a divided government

Saturday, eleven April 2020 – 02:31 Pablo Iglesias attacks private initiative to impose his ideology taking advantage of the pandemic EFE Despite the urgent need to deal decisively with the economic emergency caused by the coronavirus, the Pedro Snchez government continues to offer symptoms of insolvency and incapacity.The Cabinet did not approve yesterday, as planned, […]

The EU deepens its crisis with budget failure

Sunday, 2. 3 February 2020 – 02:15 Brussels proposes cuts in two areas: cohesion funds and the CAP, aid to an agricultural sector that is more than suffocated. EFE The serious economic crisis that zarande makes a decade to much of Europe, whose blows are still felt, convinced the community leaders of the urgent need […]