Optimistic News

NYPD Latino sergeant takes care of the community in El Barrio

Sergeant Danilo Cruz is a family man: he lives with his wife and three children in the Bronx. And he is proud of his Mexican roots. Furthermore, he is the first of four brothers to graduate from college and the only one of them to be a police officer. This police officer is very clear … Read more

Key Food store demolished to build Target in Astoria

The Key Food supermarket in Astoria has closed its doors and will be demolished at the end of the weekend. Since last year there have been demonstrations to keep the supermarket open on 31st Street, between Ditmars Boulevard and 23rd Avenue. The public outrage was generated after learning of the arrival of a Target store … Read more

The second tallest skyscraper in New York opens

The second tallest building in the city finally opens for the first time, after two decades of construction. The Mayor was the one who cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of the One Vanderbilt Building. Construction delays due to the pandemic delayed the opening for about a month. It was 21 years ago that … Read more

The Negrito with Light Eyes in love with New York

The singer-songwriter of urban music, Ozuna, consolidates itself as a star in the global music scene. The Puerto Rican artist presented a preview of his new album and in a few hours it had been seen by millions of followers and it became a trend. His most recent album, ENOC, has a special meaning: The … Read more