NHL Would Outsmart NBA, MLB, NFL By Restarting Season Outside United States

Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena is expected to be named one of the NHL’s host hubs for its 2020 season … [+] restart. A move outside the coronavirus hotbed that is the United States would be a smart move for hockey. Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images Toronto Star via Getty Images When it comes to the […]

Cars line up outside Universal’s CityWalk on first day of reopening

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – The Florida Department of Health said Universal Orlando invited the agency to examine the steps it has taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus before it reopened CityWalk on Thursday. [Click here to watch News 6 live at 4 p.m. ] “They thought out the process,” said Dr. Raul Pino, […]

Among coronary virus fears, Orlando attendees pull out canceled events

ORLANDO, Fla. – A number of large companies have departed from a health technology conference in Orlando among the fear of coronavirus, as another educational technology convention canceled its in-house event. Ellucian, a higher education software company, announced Tuesday that it was moving to one virtual conference in April. The event took place in Orlando […]

Orange County Emergency confirms due to Coronavirus – NBC Los Angeles

The Board of Supervisors of Orange County approved an emergency declaration by Monday and provided better training for healthcare providers and first responders as they sought out the potential influx of coronary virus patients. This action concluded that a crew of the Orange County Fire Authority firefighters had been segregated at Irvine station after arriving […]

Become a spy for the day at Orlando Science Center

ORLANDO, Fla. – Now on display, and for the first time ever, in the Orlando Science Center, the Top Secret – Extension to Spy exhibition, is an interactive exhibition in which people of all ages can let and learn how to become a spy. “Each piece here teaches you a little about being a spy,” […]

Costa Mesa discusses whether or not it can receive patients with coronavirus

Federal judge allows Costa Mesa to block the transfer of up to 50 coronavirus patients to the city until next week A federal judge granted Friday the temporary restraining order of the city of Costa Mesa requesting to block up to 50 confirmed coronavirus patients from being transferred to the city. Federal court documents filed […]

Orlando officer captures a burglar gang who suspects he has a parking bat, police say

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando police officer suspected a burglary who had a baseball bat in car parking on North Parramore Avenue passing through Nissan 2018, according to Orange County’s affidavit of arrest. Sadarius Dion Fort, 25, of Orlando is facing 11 burglaries with conveyance, 12 counts of criminal indifference, one number of extreme theft, possession […]

An OC choir uses music therapy to help people with dementia

A choir in Orange County is using music to give a dose of music therapy to people with dementia. Chorale OK meets in Laguna Country Church Methodist every week and uses music to focus on everything from memory loss to Alzheimer’s in the hope of stimulating the brain and encouraging new neuropathways. “We call the […]