check the result of the draw for Saturday August 22, 2020

22/08/2020 21:29 – Updated: 08/23/2020 03:03 The lucky combination of the Primitiva corresponding to this Saturday, August 22, is formed by the numbers 10, 12, 14, 31, 33, 40, the complementary 8 and the refund 3. For his part, the Joker has relapsed into the number 5222218. In tonight’s draw you can get 6.600.000 euros, […]

The importance of the territory in the vote: the case of Vox | Spain

Not all votes count the same. It has been said many times that some provinces offer “cheap” seats, because they are obtained with fewer votes. But the distribution can also provoke other carambolas, such as that thousands of votes in Alicante or Cádiz are irrelevant (if no deputy moves) and that a single vote in […]

Gilead goes public as data about a failed trial of its coronavirus drug leaks | Companies

Gilead’s shares fell sharply on Wall Street on Thursday, after leaking data about a clinical trial in China of its antiviral remdesivir, applied to severe cases of Covid-19. The published data showed a null efficacy of this antiviral, the most promising drug in the fight against the coronavirus in already infected patients. However, the company […]