Hunting for the rich

Alarms have been triggered in wealth management offices after the proposal of United We Can from a lien to fortunes from one million euros. Eager to set his own profile within the coalition Executive, the second vice president and leader of the purple force, Pablo Iglesias, launched this initiative with which, he assures, some 11,000 […]

The Government will give up to 1,015 euros a month to a million vulnerable families

Updated Sunday,     10     may     2020     –21:26 The countdown to the approval of the great social shield of thegovernmententers its final stretch. The minimum vital income (a guaranteed monthly income for vulnerable people) will start in June, so theMinistry of Social Securityde Jos Luis Escriv is giving the last touches to the decree-law that will regulate […]

Pedro is chaos | Spain

SANTIAGO GONZLEZ Wednesday, 6 may 2020 – 01:55 The Prime Minister, Pedro Snchez, this Tuesday, in the Senate.POOL These days a joke fromRamnthat appeared on the cover ofBrother Wolfon August 2, 1975. “Either we or the chaos” offered his alternative the first. “Chaos, chaos,” the populace passionately claimed. “It is the same. It is also […]

This is how we counted the general elections in Spain in November 2019

3.56 points less participation than in April Participation at two in the afternoon in this Sunday’s elections is 37.93 percent, which is 3.56 points less than in the general elections of April 28 at the same time (41.49 percent) , and the decrease is registered in all the autonomous regions and autonomous cities. The undersecretary […]

The coronavirus crisis overflows the Pedro Snchez coalition government

Updated Sunday,     3     may     2020     –09:03 Spain is 50 days in alarm. An unusual time in which the Government has been overwhelmed in a desperate and agonic race to combat the coronavirus. Pedro Snchez designed an Executive for times of economic prosperity and expansion of social policies, drowned perspectives in the face of the reality […]

Operation Dos de Mayo | Spain

JORGE DEL PALACIO Updated Friday, one may 2020 –02:46 Image of the celebration of Dos de Mayo, at the headquarters of the Community of Madrid, in 2019.JAVI MARTNEZ Since the emergence of Podemos in the Spanish political scene,Pablo Iglesiasandigo ErrejnThey have tried to add to the cultural capital of their party the political significance of […]

Emiliano Garca-Page: “Pablo Iglesias is smart, the positive part remains, but it will not turn out well”

President of Castilla-La Mancha Madrid Tuesday, 28 April 2020 – 02:00 The President of Castilla-La Mancha believes that Pedro Snchez “should seek the maximum consensus” because “it is a crisis without ideology” The President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano Garca-Page.ALBERTO DI LOLLI The President of Castilla-La Mancha defends a control by the Government to prevent internal […]