Covid-19: five questions on the use of midazolam and Rivotril in nursing homes

The France 3 magazine “Pièces à conviction” devoted its last issue on Wednesday November 18 to the situation of nursing homes particularly affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. In a short excerpt highlighted by the channel before the broadcast, our colleagues focused on the use of two drugs in the context of palliative care in nursing […]

“A virus that feasts” – Release

While watching the videos from Florida, where religious maniacs denounce the health authorities by explaining that wearing a mask is an attack on their divine capacity to breathe, some of us laughed nervously. Others nodded: “This country is completely barred.” It will not have taken a month to understand that we have nothing to envy […]

No, a decree does not facilitate euthanasia in nursing homes or at home

Question asked by Fred on 04/03/2020 Hello, Several of you asked us about the publication, on March 29, of a decree allowing city doctors to prescribe, without marketing authorization (MA) and in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, a medicine called Rivotril. This exemption is in effect until April 15. Since the weekend, the government […]

A Covid-19 palliative care unit open to visits

At the Besançon University Hospital, end-of-life patients can see their loved ones. By Guillaume Mollaret Patients can end their lives calmly and calmly in this service. 280347306 / Joel bubble ben – “The presence is sometimes more effective than a drug.»Geriatrician, department head at the Besançon University Hospital (Doubs), the Pr Régis Aubry has […]

The use of Rivotril in nursing homes is not disguised euthanasia

The prescription of a sedative drug, Rivotril, for the relief of patients with acute respiratory distress is the subject of unfounded ethical controversy. On March 28, the government authorized the sale of a drug, Rivotril, in pharmacies for the care of patients with coronavirus who are in acute respiratory distress. Rivotril has powerful sedative effects. […]

Caregivers: “I think Covid, I eat Covid, I sleep Covid”

They evoke a “enemy”. Sometimes see themselves as “Infantrymen”. They have much more “Fear for others” that they do not fear falling ill, without playing the heroes: “This is our job”, they say. Nurses, interns, emergency physicians, resuscitators, hematologists, psychiatrists… Their lives are now entirely dedicated to saving patients from the coronavirus. What is their […]