The Government Considers Changing The Status Of The Covid-19 Pandemic To Endemic

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin said that the government had considered changing the status of the Covid-19 pandemic to endemic. He admitted that he had received directions from President Joko Widodo or Jokowi and the coordinating ministers. “Especially regarding the strategy from pandemic to endemic, we have prepared the protocol,” said […]

We Collaborate with “Content Creator” to Accelerate Economic and Health Recovery

JAKARTA, – DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan appreciates the content creator whose content supports the acceleration of health and economic recovery in the capital city due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This was conveyed by Anies when opening the Indonesia Content Creator Summit which was broadcast live via the @jcccommunity Instagram account, Saturday (12/2/2022). “With […]

Rows of Jumbo BUMN Stocks with the Best 5-Year Returns, Already Have?, JAKARTA – The turmoil in the capital market in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic did not prevent the stock performance of a number of state-owned companies with the largest market capitalization from providing multiple returns or returns. The IDX BUMN20 index, which houses selected BUMN stocks, recorded a negative return of 6.95 percent […]

DKI Jakarta Enters the World’s 50 Best COVID-19 Response Cities

Jakarta – London-based analytics agency, Deep Knowledge Analytics (DKA), compiled a list of cities around the world with the best response or level of handling COVID-19 in the world. They examined 114 variables across five categories of pandemic response, namely economic resilience, governance, health care, quarantine, and vaccination. In total, the DKA analyzed 8,200 data, […]

PAN Urges Government to Cancel PCR Test Requirements for All Modes of Transportation

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A member of the House of Representatives from the PAN faction, Guspardi Gaus, urged the government to cancel the planned PCR test requirements for all modes of public transportation. “The people should not be sacrificed by this PCR policy,” said Guspardi in his statement, Friday, October 29, 2021. Guspardi assessed that although […]

Brain Damage Due to Covid-19 Called Similar to Stroke

As many as 84 percent of people with severe COVID-19 experience neurological symptoms, including stroke. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LONDON — A new study suggests the brain damage caused by Covid-19 is similar to that caused by a stroke. Published research Nature Neuroscience This illustrates how Covid-19 can cause damage by interfering with blood flow in the brain. […]

US to Egypt, 10 countries that are starting to open doors for Indonesian citizens

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Pandemic Covid-19 forced the world to close their territory to foreigners. However, after the Covid-19 vaccine and the decline in corona virus infections in a number of regions made several countries begin to reopen their borders to foreigners, including from Indonesia. The following is a list of countries that have started […]

New RI Corona Cases 2 October Add 1,414, Patients Recover 2,380

Jakarta – The government updates data related to Corona cases in Indonesia. Today it was reported that there were an additional 1,414 positive cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia. The data on the development of the spread of COVID-19 was submitted by the COVID-19 Handling Task Force, Saturday (2/10/2021). This data is updated daily with cut […]