VIDEO. Electoral institutions have been degraded in the hands of parties: Humberto De la Calle

Although it in no way affects the current electoral process, since it would enter into force until 2026, Senator Humberto De la Calle, together with a significant number of parliamentarians, filed a constitutional reform project, which substantially modifies the National Electoral Council, restoring the independence that he had as the highest authority on the subject […]

FC Barcelona’s Rivals Revealed for the 2023-24 Champions League Group Phase

Xavi’s team already knows its rivals in the Champions League. FC Barcelona already knows its rivals in the 2023-24 Champions League Group Phase, with UEFA having determined this Thursday, August 31, through a draw, the eight zones in which this stage of the game has been made up. continental championship. DISCOVER THE UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE […]

to the parties to the conflict.

Imad Al-Din Omar Al-Hassanto the parties to the conflict. Many object to the phrase (the two parties to the conflict), which is used in the media and through various media to express the parties to the ongoing war in Sudan. The objection comes in terms of the fact that it is inappropriate for the speaker […]

Obelisk Clock: The situation between the two Kurdish parties will not reach an armed clash, and the oil file is in the hands of Baghdad

August 27, 2023 Baghdad / The Obelisk Al-Hadath: The Obelisk publishes the most prominent interactions of TV dialogues: A former minister in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Muhammad Baziani, during a televised interview: The tension of the Kurdish parties affects the Iraqi realityThe situation between the two ruling parties will not reach the stage of armed […]

Political parties and blocs are calling for the removal of the House of Representatives and the state from the scene in Libya

Libya News 24 Today, Wednesday, in the capital, Tripoli, a meeting was held that included a number of political parties, civil society institutions, federations, unions, parliamentary and women’s associations, and the Committee of 90 emanating from the Second Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, organized and supervised by the Libyan Parties Gathering and the Committee of 90, […]

Musikfest Bremen offers over 40 concerts until September 9th

The range of music on offer afterwards is just as wide-ranging as it was at the opening. Conductor William Christie and his ensemble Les Arts Florissants meet hip-hop choreographer Mourad Merzouki on September 1 to hear Purcell’s “Fairy Queen”. The Austrian percussionist Martin Grubinger will give two concerts – with the piano duo Ferhan and […]