BMW patent: Kardan with parking brake and immobilizer

This brake patent is exceptionally not about the actual brakes on the motorcycle, the disc brakes on the wheels, which are called service brakes in engineer-speak. In this case, it is about an additional braking device that is to be used when the vehicle is stationary. So when parking. Parking brake and immobilizer Parking brakes […]

The Netherlands has frozen patents of Russian oil and gas companies

ANP NOS News•Friday, 07:03•Amended Friday, 07:52 Real Police editor economics Real Police editor economics The Netherlands has frozen patents from the Russian gas companies Gazprom, Rosneft and Transneft. This is apparent from data that the NOS has requested from the Netherlands Patent Office. This makes it more difficult for Russian companies to do business in […]

BMW patents retractable indicators: aerodynamics and protection – News

A solution, in two variants, which aims to reduce the dimensions of the direction indicators. Less protrusion, therefore less risk of damage for example off-road or on the track 11 October 2022 Ci happened several times to deal with patents registered by BMW concerning applications rather innovative in concepts. These include the carbon frame with […]

Ford is applying for a patent on the name Megazilla. Presumably for the new V8 engine

The Ford car company has been presenting itself with interesting initiatives in recent years – its latest is no exception. The company has registered the name “Megazilla” as a trademark at the US patent office, which it will probably use for its new V8 engine, which the company’s engineers have already talked about some time […]

Felgueiras company creates rubber devulcanization patent – Industry

Rubberlink, which belongs to the shoe components company BolFlex, from Felgueiras, obtained patents for the devulcanization process for rubber and the product. This means that the company now owns the process that makes it possible to transform industrially used rubber into new. Premium Business Subscribe and access without limits, on PC and […]

Apple makes iPhone screen optimal even when used to type in water and rain

INDOZONE.ID – Apple has just received new patent approval from the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent will allow users of the next iPhone series to be resistant to splashing water. adapted Phone Arena Wednesday (6/7/2022), Apple will modify the functionality of its electronic devices to have resistance to moisture exposure. Also Read: Inventor […]

what you need to know and what changes – Libero Quotidiano

Wednesday 29 June will expire extension for the Covid on driving licenses expired. From tomorrow it will therefore no longer be possible to circulate without first proceeding with the renewal. The extension was included in the Cura Italia decree in March 2020 and is valid up to 90 days after the end of the state […]