Pau Gasol

NBA: ‘Chewbacca’ Pau Gasol gives all his strength to Kobe’s family on Halloween

NBA The Gasols and the Bryants celebrated together a la Star Wars Pau poses with his wife, daughter, and Kobe Bryant’s family, all in Star Wars costumes. INSTAGRAM PAU GASOL Lto friendship that exists between Pau Gasol and the ill-fated Kobe Bryant transcends the years when the two shared a wardrobe in the Lakers. There … Read more

Players who have won the NBA for the first time for their country

The NBA was almost a 100% American competition until the 1980s, when the first international players began to arrive little by little. In the last two decades this exodus to the best league in the world has increased and today we can say that it is an international league. Thus, we review the players who … Read more

NBA: The Gasol Foundation fight against childhood obesity in vulnerable population

NBA The PRESAFALN Project starts in four schools in Madrid and another four in Barcelona TFollowing a recent study carried out by the Gasol Foundation, a high prevalence of overweight and obesity in the first years of life has been detected. That is why the foundation of the brothers Pau and Marc Gasol, whose mission … Read more

NBA Finals 2020: Pau ‘Kobe’ Gasol, Obama, Nowitzki … The luxury box of the NBA Finals

NBA Finals 2020 Basketball legends populated the virtual stands Image of the virtual stands of the Orlando bubble Twitter LThe NBA has not been able to finish the season as they would have liked, with Finals alternating Los Angeles and Miami and with the stands of the pavilions bursting, cheering for the stars. The coronavirus … Read more