here is the new calendar and the increases

Pensions, the payment dates change. With the overcoming of the state of emergency for Covid-19, the normal check payment schedule scheduled for the first day of the month will be restored as it did before the outbreak of the pandemic. THE PENSION PAYMENT CALENDAR With the end of the state of emergency for Covid-19 from […]

Twice as many women as men affected by stricter minimum pension conditions

theme image — ©  Shutterstock If the additional condition of a minimum number of years of effective employment is introduced to obtain the minimum pension, twice as many women as men will be affected. This is shown on Thursday from figures that MP Nahima Lanjri (CD&V) has requested from Minister of Pensions Karine Lalieux (PS). […]

Inflation that counts already doubles salary increases – Public Service

The largest transversal increase in salaries in the State in twelve years may not be of much use in the face of rising prices. In the second month of the year, inflation that serves as a reference for salary increases was estimated at 1.8%, double the actual increases (0.9%). Without further changes, pensions also risk […]

Early 2022 maturity and Quota 41 requirements

While the government and the social partners continue to discuss the reform of the pension systemwith the latest proposal by the executive of an early exit with penalty, on March 1 the window closes for submitting the request for early retirement with Quota 41 for precocious workers. In fact, in 2022, no changes are foreseen […]

February pensions, payment dates and green pass rules

While discussing the new hypothesis of early retirement with a cut of 3%, even for the months of early pension payments are planned for February and March, to avoid gatherings and thus avert the risk of contagion. The date was made official by Poste Italiane, thus confirming the trend of the last two years of […]

Elderly unions angry with cabinet: ‘Purchasing power declining? Now…

No increase in pensions, disconnecting the minimum wage and AOW and now the elderly appear to be the only group to also decline in purchasing power. The three largest senior citizens’ associations – together they have about 700,000 members – are well under way. “Maybe it’s time for all the elderly who volunteer to give […]

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