Congress: Patricia Juárez and her allies failed in their congressional re-election project | Maria del Carmen Alva | Bicamerality | Constitution Commission | Popular Force | Popular Action | JNE | ONPE | Congress

Despite the pressures within the caucuses, the delay in the debate and the negotiations, the draft People’s Force, People’s Action and his allies for congressional re-election failed. At least for now. Yesterday, the plenary Congress put to a vote the substitute text prepared by the Fujimori president of the Constitution Commission, Patricia Juárez, which reforms […]

Keiko Fujimori: prosecutor Rafael Vela: with the divorce of the leader of Fuerza Popular, Mark Villanella can leave Peru | Lava Jato | judicial

During the fiscal investigation, Keiko Fujimori and Mark Vito Villanella acted as an indissoluble couple, solidly united, and not only before the cameras but also before the justice system. The announcement of the separation, which occurred just when the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez is substantiating the accusation against Keiko Fujimori as the head of a […]

Keiko Fujimori: The Prosecutor’s Office Provides Evidence That Keiko Fujimori Received Cash in Person | Jose Domingo Perez | Mark Vito Villanella | Public Ministry | fujimorismo | Politics

defense of Keiko Fujimori complained to the prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez the precision of the accusations, the visualization of the evidence and the clarification of contradictions in the complaint for money laundering and other crimes against the head of Fuerza Popular. In response, the prosecution of the case presented for the first time the information […]

Presidential Vacancy | who is Vivian Olivos, the congresswoman who hung a poster asking for the presidential vacancy of Pedro Castillo | Live Congress | vacancy already | Politics

This Monday, March 28, the Congress debated the presidential vacancy motion against Pedro Castillo. However, the session was interrupted by the altercations in the Plenary, after the Congresswoman Vivian Olivos (Popular Force) display a banner with the hashtag “vacancy already” from his seat. Soon, the president of the Board of Directors of the Parliament, Maria […]

Keiko Fujimori case | Giancarlo Bertini will reveal details about the money Jorge Yoshiyama gave him to deposit in Fuerza Popular accounts | Keiko Fujimori | POLITICS

According to the criteria of Know more Research unit Businessman Giancarlo Bertini Vivanco is in the country to testify before the Lava Jato special team about his participation in the false contributors to People’s Forceformer Fuerza 2011, for the presidential campaign of Keiko Fujimori in 2011. This newspaper spoke with lawyer José Allemant, Bertini’s legal […]