Michael Jaffé could become a bankruptcy administrator at Wirecard

Berlin The district court in Munich was chosen by a man from the front row of German insolvency administrators: Michael Jaffé (56), as an expert, is to prepare the expert opinion on Wirecard AG’s insolvency application. This gives the Munich lawyer good chances of being appointed as the Group’s provisional insolvency administrator. Over the past […]

KKR joins the TV station group Pro Sieben Sat 1

Per seven sat 1 The US investor KKR joins the TV group. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The US investor KKR is back in the German television group Pro Sieben Sat 1 and holds a good five percent. The holding company holds 3.21 percent of the voting rights and two further percent indirectly through financial instruments, as […]

Justice wants to end criminal proceedings against Wirecard critics

Wirecard headquarters The Wirecard headquarters in Aschheim near Munich. (Photo: dpa) Munich In the criminal proceedings to manipulate the Wirecard shares, the judiciary wants to let another investor go against a monetary requirement. The Munich district court, with the approval of the public prosecutor and defense, plans to close the case against the British short […]

Pro Sieben Sat 1 withdraws forecast and dividend proposal

Per seven sat 1 The media group does not want to pay a dividend for 2019 because of the corona crisis. (Photo: dpa) Berlin, Unterfoehring The television company Pro Sieben Sat 1 cancels its forecast for 2020 and the dividend because of the corona crisis. Due to the current standstill of the global economy and […]

Dax closes in the red – Conti record low affects industry

Dusseldorf The leading German index closed the day down 1.51 percent at 11,944 points. After opening 0.37 percent tighter at 12,191 points on Thursday morning, the Dax turned negative shortly thereafter and was 11,918 points in the afternoon, down 1.73 percent. The stock market index had thus approached an important support line, which is 11,800 […]

Bloomberg weak, Biden strong – morning briefing

Good morning dear readers, the American version of democracy says that billionaires are replacing billionaires as presidents. At least that was the hope of the media-heavy Michael Bloombergwho went to the US yesterday “Super Tuesday” belated entry into the pre-election campaign – for the Democrats against Donald Trump, It’s a New Yorker’s fight against a […]

BMW, Vodafone, Pro Sieben: Coronavirus paralyzes companies

Vodafone An employee of the telecommunications giant was infected with the corona virus. (Photo: AP) Düsseldorf, Munich The spread of the corona virus increasingly paralyzed the work of companies in Germany. The coronavirus was detected in a Vodafone employee. The man had attended a carnival session in the Heinsberg district, as a Vodafone spokesman told […]

Dax marks new record high – Bayer and BASF shares lose after US judgment

Dusseldorf All good things come in threes, is a popular saying. This does not seem to apply to the German stock market. After three new record highs in the past week, the leading German index marks another new record. In the first hour of trading, the Frankfurt benchmark was up 0.4 percent at 13,794 points. […]

CFO Dirk Schmelzer is the analytical strategist at Scout24

Munich When things get confidential, Dirk Schmelzer and Tobias Hartmann draw the curtain to the rest of the open-plan office. There are no permanent places at the MDax company Scout24 from Munich, even for the bosses; nevertheless, the chief financial officer and the chief executive officer are usually at an angle. In the past few […]