Bot controversy: Musk threatens to exit Twitter deal

corporate takeover First Elon Musk put pressure on Twitter until the service agreed to a deal – but after falling share prices, the enthusiasm of the tech billionaire cooled. Now he is threatening to get out of the deal. From dpa June 7, 2022 at 3:00 am There is a dispute over the planned takeover […]

Bank of Canada raises interest rates by 0.5 percent

The Bank of Canada has raised interest rates significantly for the second time in a row. This now amounts to 1.5 percent. The Canadian flag – pexels Ad the essentials in brief Canada’s central bank has raised interest rates for the second time in a row. This step was largely expected by analysts. The central […]

Forecast: The Southwest will grow by more than 300,000 people by 2040 – Southwest

According to a forecast, the population in Baden-Württemberg will increase to more than 11.42 million people by 2040. That would be over 300,000 people or 2.9 percent more than in 2020, as the State Statistical Office in Stuttgart announced on Tuesday. All urban and rural districts are affected. The predicted increase in population is particularly […]

The asparagus remains – economy

Despite falling prices, many consumers are reluctant to buy the precious vegetable. Experts cite inflation and the image of asparagus, which is considered expensive, as the reason for the reluctance. Asparagus is considered a precious vegetable – this luxury is apparently too much for many households in times of war and drastically increased prices. Demand […]

Emirates Telecommunications Company invests a stake of about 10 percent in…

(MENAFN) The Emirates Telecommunications Company, known as Etisalat, announced that it had bought a 9.8 percent stake in Vodafone for an amount of $4.4 billion, as the company aims to develop its global reach, according to Bloomberg News. According to Bloomberg’s calculations, a telecom company published about 130 pence ($1.59) for the index. Etisalat also […]

E-cars: German manufacturers double their market share in China – Economy

vehicle construction German automakers are doing good business in China – a total of one million battery cars were sold in the first quarter, two-thirds of all newly registered e-cars worldwide. From dpa May 3, 2022 1:22 p.m A symbol for electric cars at a charging station. Photo: DPA Munich (dpa) – According to a […]

Reason for some side effects after Covid vaccine: Nocebo reaction

According to scientists, this is caused by effects known as “Nocebo reactions”, meaning that negative expectations affect the person negatively. Experts from Boston-based Beth Israel Diabetes Medical Center found that known Kovid vaccine side effects, such as headache, fatigue, and joint pain, are also observed when a placebo drug, also known as a “sugar drug”, […]

More money for retail employees – Rhineland-Palatinate

Employers and the service union Verdi have agreed on a new collective agreement in the Rhineland-Palatinate retail sector. As the trade association announced on Monday, wages and salaries will be raised by three percent retrospectively to September 1st after four zero months. This applies to all employees up to tariff group II (sixth year of […]

Rents are stabilizing in Munich and Frankfurt, Berlin with a plus of 2 percent

Nuremberg (ots) – These are the results of the 1st edition of the immowelt rental compass for the 2nd quarter of 2021: – In 8 of 14 major cities examined, rents are stagnating or falling compared with the previous quarter– After the rent cap: In Berlin, asking rents rose by 2 percent– Breather in Munich, […]

Column: US bond yields will fall to zero percent

A daring thesis, without a doubt. If you think that donor is crazy now, read my arguments. Many investors wonder why the interest rate on ten-year government bonds is below the inflation rate. The situation is particularly dire in the United States. An interest rate of 1.5 percent is offset by an annual inflation rate […]