The arepa, cultural and gastronomic heritage in Pereira

It costs between $500 and $700 pesos to buy an arepa in Pereira and around a thousand vendors dedicate themselves to this work informally. It is for this reason that the City Council, on September 22, approved Bill number 38, which seeks, first of all, to formalize this trade and provide sellers of this product […]

Embassy of Japan visits Pereira

“The CINDES foundation receives help from the government of Japan” The Board of Directors and the entire educational community of the CINDES foundation received Ms. KANEKO NATSUE, head of the Political Section of the Embassy of Japan in Colombia, as well as her work team at the official delivery of the infrastructure. equipped and suitable […]

Emergency in Pereira: Landslide paralyzes the water supply in the Coffee Commune

A morning marked by urgency and concern, the residents of the Coffee Commune, in Pereira, face a critical situation after a large landslide that has paralyzed the water supply. At 4:30 am on Saturday, September 16, the aqueduct networks that connect this community with the rest of the city were affected near the Parque de […]

“Pereira is the city that is most advanced”: Baltazar Medina

Julián Andrés Santa On November 11 of this year, the competitions for the National Games and later the Paranational Games will begin in the Coffee Region. Baltazar Medina, director of the most important fairs in the country, was present in Pereira and in an interview with El Diario, he referred to the current status of […]

Pereira receives Maïa Darme

“The classical harp that has 7 pedals has a number of extraordinary color possibilities and sounds that are unknown in many cases” Pereira is the scene of new musical experiences and it is that the symphony with a colorful solo instrument arrives in our city thanks to the commitment and passion of the Pereiran director […]

On board the “Gloria” School Ship, the birds of Pereira travel the world

Thousands of visitors in the different ports of the planet will be able to take a tour of Pereira’s rich birdlife aboard the flagship of the National Navy, which arrived this week in Halifax (Canada). Oscar Osorio Ospina For a month now, the ARC “Gloria” Training Ship, considered the main ambassador of Colombia, has been […]

Multicultural Pereira, ‘El Afro Fest’ exotic culture that enchants

In the Ciudad Victoria civic square, the Afro Fest was held, a display of the Afro-descendant culture that inhabits our city. David Rentería, who attended the event and participated in previous versions, spoke to ‘El Diario’ and commented that the ‘Afro Fest Pereira’ is held within the framework of the Harvest Festivals because it is […]

Pereira in the quarterfinals of the Colombian Cup

Julian Andres Santa Deportivo Pereira made his home respected and beat Tigres last night at the Hernán Ramírez Villegas stadium by a score of 1-0 to thus seal their qualification to the quarterfinals of the Colombia Cup, also being the winner in the two duels of the round with an aggregate result of 2-0. Ramírez, […]

Consorcio Iluminar Pereira 2033 takes the reins of public lighting

In response to community concerns about deficiencies in the public lighting system, the Iluminar Pereira 2033 Consortium assumed responsibility for the administration, operation and maintenance (AOM) of the luminaires in the Risaraldense capital, after eight months of waiting. However, the contract will only be for the remainder of 2023. Two weeks ago, the Iluminar Pereira […]

“Paza la Paz” of YMCA present in Pereira

A total of 80 farmers from the region met at the UTP to sell and exchange their agricultural products. YMCA is a global volunteer organization with more than 178 years of existence, in Colombia it has 50 years of existence. On this occasion, the national meeting of Paza la Paz is held in the city […]