3-month-old baby dies in massacre in the United States – USA – International

Four people died in a new shooting in the United States, this time in Lakeland, Florida, when a former Marine, armed and in military clothing, opened fire and murdered, among others, a baby as young as 3 months old, at dawn on Saturday, September 5. Another 11-year-old girl was injured with several shots and was […]

Valledupar: 24 thousand young people receive support from Icetex – Other Cities – Colombia

In Cesar, 24,789 young people are studying undergraduate and graduate with the support of the Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad (Icetex). (Also: Barranquilla put into service the first drawbridge in the country) 93% of these beneficiaries have subsidies, credit forgiveness or access to scholarships. As a result of the pandemic, more […]

Krefeld gastronomy business has to pay Corona fine

August 17, 2021 at 12:52 pm Incidence continues to rise : Krefeld gastronomy business has to pay Corona fine A Krefeld restaurant has violated corona rules. (Symbol photo) Photo: dpa / Sebastian Gollnow Krefeld The police have imposed a corona fine on a restaurant. Meanwhile, the incidence in Krefeld continues to rise. In Krefeld, the […]

Corona incidence of the unvaccinated is currently 454

August 31, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. Seven-day value at 191.8 : Corona incidence of the unvaccinated in Krefeld is 454 300 to 600 vaccinations are currently carried out daily in the vaccination center on Sprödentalplatz in Krefeld. Photo: dpa / Sven Hoppe Krefeld The last 36 vaccination breakthroughs were registered in Krefeld, that is 8.5 […]

Are there people allergic to exercise? – Science – Life

When a person is exposed to something to what it is allergic, a protein of the allergen, for example, peanuts, grass or cat dander, interacts with the antibodies of the immune cells from his body. These cells fire chemicals like histamine causing sneezing, hives, wheezing, and other symptoms. There is no protein that enters the […]