Dax closes 400 points in the red

Dusseldorf The descent of the Dax accelerated on Thursday. The leading German index closed the sixth consecutive trading day in the red and closed trading at a loss of 3.2 percent at 12,367 points. The daily low was even at 12,212 points, all 30 DAX values ​​were weaker from trading. The price decline also continued […]

Financial markets remain in panic mode – Dax slips more than 300 points

Dusseldorf Investors can forget the hope of a quieter trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Today’s Thursday, the Dax loses 2.5 percent in midday trading and slips to 12,454 points. The daily low is even 12,442 points, a drop of 333 points compared to the previous day’s close. The leading German index showed resistance for […]