Bankruptcy of the largest contracting company in the UAE

Today, Monday, a UAE court decided to declare the bankruptcy of the “Arabtec” holding company and its subsidiaries, and to seize the balances, accounts and funds of the declared bankruptcy company in all banks. According to the newspaper, “Al Khaleej”, the Dubai Court of First Instance decided today to declare the bankruptcy of Arabtec Holding […]

NASA Telescope Captures 11.5 Billion Year Old Galactic Knot Sightings – NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is reported to have captured an image of a triad of galaxies thought to have formed around a quasar, a very powerful active galactic nucleus, 11.5 billion years ago, more than 2 billion years after the Big Bang. This news was broadcast through the Space Telescope Science Institute’s […]

Video: Loic Bruni’s POV as He Tries to Overtake 180 Riders

Oct 9, 2022 by Ed Spratt FollowFollowing Campo was a few days ago. The second edition was even wilder than last year. Lots of dust and aggressiveness on the programme. I enjoyed myself once again with all the participants, no sores, lots of fun and top-notch organization. Really happy to have been able to share […]

Never put these things in your oven

Tell me – the phrase “you learn something new every day” applies to everyone. Even seasoned home cooks are not exempt from learning a thing or two in the kitchen. For example, only certain things can be stored in your oven drawer. It turns out that a lot of people want to know if it’s […]

UAE .. A financial manager embezzles 11 million dirhams and escapes

Khabarni – The competent court in Dubai, in the UAE, sentenced a financial manager of a major commercial establishment in absentia to three years in prison, after being convicted of embezzling 11 million and 97 thousand dirhams, equivalent to three million dollars, and fleeing to his country. The local newspaper, “Al-Khaleej”, reported on Monday that […]

Race Report: BC Bike Race Stage 1 – Kelowna

Canyon views and Gnarly descents in Kelowna After a taster sample of Kelowa’s Crawford trails during yesterday’s prologue, Stage 1 of 2022 BC Bike Race dove in for the full meal deal. After a hint of rain overnight, trails were in all-time conditions for a full 40.5 km tour on the local classics. After a […]