Pirogov’s boss: Baltov to show the whole order for his dismissal

The acting director of “Pirogov” prof. Ivan Poromanski asked his predecessor to be honest and publish the whole order for his dismissaland not just a little part, as he did. The order is three pages long and is fully justified and passed in accordance with the law, however, Poromanski expects an appeal in court. “Having […]

A bar at the foot of the Cathedral of Tudela

The Moncayo bar de Tudela owes its name to the Aragonese origins of its founder, Jesús Visanzay Marrodán, a descendant of Tarazona, who opened this establishment in 1981 in a privileged corner next to the Cathedral of Santa María. In 1988 he adapted the lower part of his family home to open the second Moncayo […]