Yves Klein in Nice, blue in the skies

It’s a cloudless sky and the matrix of a work. That of one of the most important artists of the XXe century, born in Nice in 1928. He recounts it in 1961 in his Chelsea Hotel Manifesto : “That day, when I was lying on the beach in Nice, I began to hate birds flying […]

containment does not prohibit well-flowered balconies

” The garden centers and the florists having been closed several weeks at the beginning of the confinement, we asked our four children and our five grandchildren for ideas to flower the windows and the balconies of our house, located place des Acacias, at 27 de rue de l’Abbé-Delbecque »Explain Anne Fontenier and Philippe Delvigne. […]

A bit of Valenciennes at a charity auction … at Drouot

An essential Parisian crossroads in the international art market, the Hôtel Drouot, which the coronavirus epidemic has forced to close, is not completely stopped. Solidarity initiatives are increasing. Until Monday, April 27, rapper JUL and its distributor Believe have set up a sale there, of gold and platinum records, among others, for the benefit of […]