The PSOE reverses the pact with Bildu to repeal the labor reform in full | Economy

Express rectification. Hours after announcing and signing a pact with Unidas Podemos and EH Bildu for the “full” repeal of the 2012 labor reform, the PSOE has rectified and now specifies specific points to be repealed, but avoiding talking about a complete repeal. The initial pact was signed to achieve the abstention of EH Bildu […]

Galicia, Andalusia and Valencia request the same interprovincial de-escalation as Urkullu

The asymmetric de-escalation that the Government is applying in territories such as the Basque Country may generate a new conflict with other autonomies in the next phase change, the resolution of which is scheduled for next Friday. Lendakari government Inigo Urkullu It has already publicly claimed that justified movements may occur for “socio-economic” reasons between […]

Government endorsement of acts by ETA prisoners

Madrid Sunday, 17 may 2020 – 09:14 Marlaska s orders to monitor the strict circulation limitation in areas still in phase 0, such as Madrid Protest in the Pamplons neighborhood of La Chantrea in favor of the ETA member who murdered the UPN mayor Toms Caballero.EUROPE PRESS The concentration held inPamplonain favor of a prisoner […]

The Covid-19 sharpens the autonomous borders of Spain

Updated Sunday,     17     may     2020     –00:04 Almost by surprise, in July 2001, the second government of Jos Mara Aznar reached an agreement with the ten autonomous communities that had not yet transferred the powers of Health to complete decentralization. The Ministry of the sector remained solely with the health management in the autonomous cities ofCeutaandMelilla. […]

Madrid’s setback weakens Casado after his terrible week

05/10/2020 05:00 Advanced in The “pollice verse” or “thumb turned” is the gesture with which the Roman emperors spared or not the life of the gladiators, once they verified the opinion of the public present in the circus. Pablo Casado The week began with the vertigo of having the government in his hand and he […]

The Valencian Community accuses the Government of favoring the PNV in the de-escalation

Saturday, 9 may 2020 – 22:03 Andalusia also attributes the suspense of Malaga and Granada to political and not sanitary criteria Coronavirus | Barcel says they will work hard so that the entire Valencian Community goes to phase 1 The selectivity test carried out by theMinistry of Healthto decide which territories can undertake from next […]

Guide not to get lost in the main regional and municipal pacts

06/12/2019 05:00 – Updated: 06/13/2019 15:48 Advanced in The entire electoral cycle has been carried out on two dates with a difference of just one month between them. Between 28th of April and the May 26We have voted for our parliaments and governments at all institutional levels: first the national and then the municipal and […]

Pedro is chaos | Spain

SANTIAGO GONZLEZ Wednesday, 6 may 2020 – 01:55 The Prime Minister, Pedro Snchez, this Tuesday, in the Senate.POOL These days a joke fromRamnthat appeared on the cover ofBrother Wolfon August 2, 1975. “Either we or the chaos” offered his alternative the first. “Chaos, chaos,” the populace passionately claimed. “It is the same. It is also […]