Dead in Salzburg: woman stabbed with screwdriver – Austria

from . – 31.08.2021 17:55 (Akt. 31.08.2021 17:55) Woman’s body discovered in Salzburg: Victim had numerous upper body injuries. © APA / FRITZ NEUMÜLLER The autopsy of the woman’s body found in Salzburg on Saturday showed on Tuesday afternoon that the 44-year-old died of multiple stab wounds. As the police informed, a 27 centimeter long, […]

Over 300 reports at police controls in Vienna – Police News

from . – 28.08.2021 15:54 (Akt. 28.08.2021 19:15) In just a few hours, the Vienna police issued over 300 reports. ©WHAT The Viennese police carried out traffic focus controls in Vienna from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning. It hailed over 300 advertisements. From Friday, 5 p.m. to Saturday, 3 a.m., the Viennese police carried out […]

Openair Kino Uzwil: today “The Green Knight”

the essentials in brief Location:Above the Uzehalle on Sportstrasse in Niederuzwil(it has enough parking spaces) Language:Generally German, exceptions are indicated. Area opening: 7:00 p.m. (banquet and seating) Film start: approx. 9:30 p.m. Entrance fee: Fr. 15.- Advance booking: online and in the City Uzwil cinema Live Music:Thursdays at 8:00 p.m., ticket surcharge Fr. 10 .– […]

Forest fires in Russia: technology from the military

Russia – In the fight against the devastating forest fires in Russia, the emergency services are being reinforced by the military. The Ministry of Defense announced in Moscow on Wednesday that additional technology will be delivered to the particularly affected Siberian Republic of Yakutia in the east of the country. According to the authorities, 173 […]

Vienna favorites: husband is said to have strangled his wife

Of . – 19.07.2021 15:12 (Akt. 19.07.2021 19:21) A man is said to have been violent towards his wife. © APA / LUKAS HUTER (symbol picture) A man is said to have strangled his wife in Vienna-Favoriten on Monday night. After a conversation on the emergency number was broken off, during which the officer had […]

274 new infections in Switzerland

Coronavirus – Switzerland – In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) received 274 new coronavirus infections within 24 hours on Tuesday. That is more than twice as many as there were a week ago. At the same time, there is also less vaccination. A week ago, the BAG had registered 129 […]

Knife stabbed while walking in Vienna-Simmering: alleged perpetrator arrested

Of . – 4.07.2021 13:36 (Akt. 4.07.2021 15:23) Suspected knife stabber arrested in Vienna © APA (symbol picture) On Friday evening, a man in Vienna-Simmering was attacked by a stranger with a knife while going for a walk. The police were able to arrest a suspect. The 39-year-old is suspected of stabbing a 30-year-old in […]

37-year-old demanded sex for “generosity” and threatened women in Vienna

Of . – 2.07.2021 11:29 (Akt. 2.07.2021 14:34) The man asked for money or sex for his “generosity”. ©WHAT A 37-year-old in Vienna invited two women several times, but then became intrusive and threatened them in a restaurant on Thursday. The man asked for his money back or for sex. According to the police on […]

Brawl on Vienna’s Kärntner Ring ends with arrest

27.06.2021 13:19 (Akt. 27.06.2021 13:19) One man was arrested. ©APA/BARBARA GINDL A brawl broke out in Vienna on Sunday night. One person was injured in the process. An arrest was made. On the night of Sunday there was a brawl on the Kärntner Ring in downtown Vienna. Two groups of people clashed for unknown reasons, […]

Vienna-Meidling: pedestrians seriously injured in accident

26.06.2021 14:21 (Akt. 26.06.2021 15:35) The 41-year-old hit the ground violently. ©APA/dpa A serious accident occurred on Friday morning in Vienna-Meidling. A 41-year-old man is likely to have overlooked a car while crossing the street. A 41-year-old pedestrian was seriously injured in a traffic accident in Vienna-Meidling on Friday morning. When trying to cross Hetzendorfer […]