Zweiburgen voucher for Weinheim is here

Zweiburgen voucher for Weinheim is here Weinheim, 20.03.2023 It will be handed out to customers for the first time at Weinheim Spring on Sunday, March 26th. Where the voucher can be picked up and which shops are participating in the campaign. These articles might also interest you

Households have to wait for falling gas prices

Natural gas prices have risen drastically in the wake of the Russian war of aggression. They have been falling continuously since December – at least in wholesale. But it will probably take a while before this also reaches customers. – According to estimates by the Federal Network Agency, consumers in Germany will only benefit from […]

Trump speaks up on Facebook

Donald Trump wants to move back into the White House in 2024. He could use more online reach for the election campaign. Now he is testing the return to the world’s largest online network. – After months of reluctance, former US President Donald Trump is using one of the major online platforms again. “I’m back!” […]

NEWS, NEWS and NEWS from Blomberg

March 9, 2023 Marco Schröder Open discussions and common goals – some of those responsible from clubs and organizations at the Blomberg Marketing club meeting (Image: Blomberg Marketing) More than 30 representatives from sports and cultural associations, village committees, home and support associations followed Blomberg Marketing’s invitation to an open exchange of information on the […]

Scholz on Biden: Joint support for Ukraine

Olaf Scholz flew across the Atlantic for a brief face-to-face meeting with the US President. It is primarily about Ukraine, but much of the meeting remains secret. – Germany and the US want to continue to closely coordinate their support for Ukraine and their dealings with Russia. That is one of the main messages that […]

The Federal Criminal Police Office warns of an increase in Messenger fraud cases.

The number of cases increased sharply in the course of 2022, the BKA announced on Thursday. The cases are currently at a high level. According to the authorities, the average damage per completed case is between 1,000 and 3,000 euros. Nationwide, the amount of damage in 2022 was in the double-digit million range. With this […]

A trio with the blues in their blood

Erlenbach. “It was a repeat night,” says Ed Steenkist. The chairman of the Kult-U(h)r-Pur association from Erlenbach speaks of Mojo Hand’s concert at Schorsch, which attracted many music lovers despite the competition at carnival. Those who came did not regret it: With his blues project, the renowned guitarist Jürgen “Mojo” Schultz once again kept what […]

Fed continues fight against inflation

Washington/Frankfurt/M. (dpa), 02.02.2023 Inflation has recently eased somewhat in the US and the euro area. But consumer prices are still far too high. The Fed is now making it clear that cutting interest rates in the near future is not an option. – Following a moderate interest rate hike by the US Federal Reserve, the […]

Snapchat is heading for a decline in sales

The photo app Snapchat once enjoyed explosive growth – but now its revenue is set to decline in a sluggish online advertising market. Among other things, a subscription model should remedy the situation. – The photo app Snapchat continues to attract new users – but its advertising business is not taking off. After stagnating sales […]

The proportion of women on DAX executive boards has risen to around 23 percent

Rewrite this content In the past year, more women than men have been appointed to the executive boards of German companies, according to an HR consultancy. Only four DAX companies still have no woman on the board. – The proportion of women on the executive boards of the 40 largest listed German companies rose from […]