“The diagnosis of cancer knocks you out”

Last year, the Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania made public that she had breast cancer. Now Manuela Schwesig is talking about the “hardest fight of my life”. Photo series with 32 pictures On September 26, the state parliament of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania will be re-elected in addition to the Bundestag. Manuela Schwesig has been Prime Minister […]

CDU Düsseldorf: Fake election posters by Sylvia Pantel

September 7, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. Election campaign in Düsseldorf : This party is behind Sylvia Pantel’s fake posters This is what the fake election posters looked like. Photo: Daniel Wicharz Düsseldorf The portrait of the politician, the CDU logo and the slogan “Politics for all white men and their housewives” were featured on the […]

Gerhard Papke banned from freedom of expression

RTL.de>rtl-west> July 06, 2021 – 18:19 Clock The former NRW parliamentary group leader of the FDP, Gerhard Papke, was temporarily blocked on Twitter. The politician had commented on the crime statistics from 2020. In terms of violent crime, 38 percent are listed as “non-German suspects”. 13 percent of them are immigrants. The FDP politician called […]

Green politician Gaydukova embarrassed when questioned: “Stunned”

A politician of the Greens really got into a questionnaire: Irina Gaydukova cannot find any answers to current political issues. According to a report, she has now left the party. The questioning of a Green politician on core issues of her party is currently going viral on the Internet. The recordings show how Green politician […]

Scheuer pays millions to lawyers – to block citizens’ questions

Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has paid almost 5.8 million euros to lawyers since 2017 to answer questions about the Freedom of Information Act. It should mainly have been about the car toll. Every citizen can ask questions – and politicians and authorities are obliged to answer. That is the basic principle of the Freedom […]

Putin honors developers of corona vaccine

“When people around the world were waiting for scientists to save them from the coronavirus pandemic, our researchers did it,” Putin said at the ceremony. The preparation, which was developed in a short time, also provides “vital help” to other nations. Because the active ingredient came onto the market before important tests were completed, many […]

“The disenchantment of the Greens has begun”

Political experience is not everything, but a lot. That shows the foolish statements of the green top staff. The party is currently overrated because social and economic competence also counts in the autumn elections. We are facing one of the most interesting, if not the most exciting federal election campaigns since 2005. This is mainly […]

Scholz urges a clear announcement for the extension of economic aid

When asked about another economic stimulus program, Scholz said that politics was already very expansive. “For this year I expect good growth, maybe even better than many believe.” For 2020 to 2022 they will take on more than 400 billion euros in debt. “I think this decision is absolutely right – but that’s not a […]