“It’s like putting someone knee up the throat” – World – Kommersant

On Tuesday, the UN Security Council held a fierce discussion on extending the arms embargo against Iran. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who participated in the meeting, threatened with an apocalypse if he was withdrawn. Moscow and Beijing, he said, were the first to suffer from instability in the Middle East. Russian Permanent Representative […]

Donald Trump & Deep State: More Than a Conspiracy Theory?

Washington It was a typical Donald Trump pun. Not really funny, but rather a little creepy because you don’t know exactly how serious the fun is. At a press conference broadcast nationwide on March 23, the US President asked the journalists to ask questions to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo right at the beginning because: […]

Coronavirus vaccine race: top candidates

WASHINGTON – In a race for a vaccine designed to put an end to the global COVID-19 pandemic, eight participants pulled ahead. Eight candidate vaccines are tested in humans in clinics in China, the United States, Britain and Germany. In addition to them, at least 94 are at different stages of development. The Trump administration […]

The US calls on Ortega to start the transition in Nicaragua “immediately”

Washington, United States. United States this Saturday called the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, to give way “immediately” to a democratic transition in his country, on the second anniversary of the protests against the government of the Sandinista leader in which, according to the State Department, at least 325 innocent people have died. “We urge […]

how COVID-19 turns body cells into viral factories

When the coronavirus attacks the body of its next victim, it turns the patient’s own cells into original factories for the production of new viruses. The process begins on the surface of the cell when the virus captures the protein, which usually helps regulate the patient’s blood pressure. The cell involuntarily lets the virus inside […]

Choice of words: Why Trump no longer speaks of the “Chinese virus”

NA few days ago, Donald Trump repeatedly spoke of the “Chinese virus” or a “foreign virus” instead of the Corona virus. He celebrated these vocabulary rhetorically. On Thursday of last week, the American president even deleted the term “corona” with a black marker in his manuscript for a press conference in the White House – […]

According to Pompeo, China is still holding back information about coronaviruses

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tightened criticism of China’s handling of the Corona virus outbreak on Tuesday, saying the ruling Communist Party still denies the government the world information it needs to prevent further cases . FILE PHOTO: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo testifies before the House House Foreign Affairs hearing […]