From Cuxhaven to New York: A Journey Through Passenger Ship History

“It’s around the corner to America”: On Tuesday, 7 p.m., the Cuxhaven Hapag expert Horst Koperschmidt will report in an exciting slide show in the Cuxhaven museum “Windforce 10” (Ohlroggestraße 1) about the passenger ship journey from Cuxhaven to New York. In 1889, the Hamburg-America Line (Hapag) moved the liner service to New York at […]

King Charles comes to Hamburg

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Strike at Stadtreinigung Hamburg: Recycling yards closed on Saturday?

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Group from China in the port of Hamburg: gateway for China?

Olaf Scholz made it possible for the Chinese state shipping company Cosco to participate in a container terminal. Against concerns from his cabinet. Many containers from China are already being handled here today: Hamburger Terminal Tollerort Photo: Thies Raetzke/laif HAMBURG taz | Small terminal – big excitement. On Wednesday, at the urging of Chancellor Olaf […]

“We shouldn’t be that stupid”

Because of the intended business in the port of Hamburg, the geopolitical strategy of the federal government is suddenly in question. Under no circumstances does the traffic light government want to repeat a mistake like its dependency on Russia for energy supplies. A key lesson of the miscalculation with Moscow is to reduce dependence on […]

The river regions are so beautiful

On its way it passes a variety of landscapes and cities worth seeing. Hamelin and Bremen are particularly popular photo hotspots due to their architectural features such as half-timbered houses or the Weser Renaissance. Other highlights: Weserstein, old town of Hannoversch Münden, Kaiser Wilhelm Monument (Porta Westfalica) Most popular bike path: Weser Cycle Path (520 […]

Port of Hamburg: I ​​baptize you with the name … Chicago! | Regional

Hamburg – It’s 6,834 kilometers as the crow flies to Hamburg’s twin city Chicago, and 590 kilometers to the town of Feuchtwangen in Middle Franconia (Bavaria). US Ambassador Amy Gutmann (72) linked both cities to Hamburg on Thursday – she christened the new underwater planing ship “Chicago” at the Überseebrücke. Her Jewish-Orthodox father Kurt was […]