Porridge Radio’s haunted mantras

On March 27 were praised in these columns the merits of the first album of the Londoners of Sorry, carried by the young Asha Lorenz, distant cousin of the PJ Harvey of the beginnings. The news offers us another excellent album of English female rock, on which also hangs the shadow of the singer of […]

TV Story (s) – Culture / Next

Even if we are probably looking at it even more now, the little box, well let’s say the flat screen, has long inspired musicians. The proof with these five groups whose television inspired the name. 1) Television Personalities The British are famous for their humor, Dan Treacy is no exception. It takes a fair amount […]

Gang of Four Andy Gill Disappears

We all danced, one day or another, to the music of Gang of Four. Rediscovered at the dawn of the 2000s thanks to the post-punk revival coming from New York (LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Radio 4) or from the United Kingdom (Bloc Party), this essential group of English rock had laid all the foundations or […]

“West of Eden”, the damned glam of HMLTD

ABrexit minus a quarter, the UK has found itself in urgent need: Idles, Shame, Slavs – we shout, we are crazy, we are not happy, we want to break everything, it is the fault of the society. Do not expect anything new or very exciting: kids from the upper middle class who spread a nice […]